Bright & Boobyfull! The Belvia Bra

Some days… some days, you just want to give The Girls a break, don’t you?

I do. Some days, I simply don’t feel like hoiking ’em up in some class of underwire or push up bra. Days that are casual, you know? Nipping-down-the-shops days. {Opps, didn’t mean to do that, LOL.} Days where you’re sloping around the place. Days when the frontage can keep a low profile.

Today, in fact. Today I am sporting The Belvia Bra. Rather than sporting a sports bra, that is, which can also supply necessary support sans spectacle, but the mental shift required to just wear one and not do sport — nope, can’t get there.

So: you don’t want to wear a fancy bra, but you have to wear something, and I highly recommend this. I have it in black, and will probs go get one in white. It is so completely supportive and comfy, it must be some crazy technology, but it is only microfibers, which are fairly run of the mill by now.

They are used here to great effect: the bra is all one piece, and slips right over your head and onto your bod. There are no hooks, the straps don’t slip, and there’s none of that squinchy back fat thing. {Which you shouldn’t have if you have ever had a proper bra fitting. I’m actually due for one, in fact. Hmm: story idea!}

Now: It’s not quite a ‘cuppy’ as shown in the picture. But then, my Girls are not like hers, which are looking rather dramatic, even without a highly engineered bra. The straps are in the sports bra line, and are noticeable when the day’s top has a wide-ish neck. They are serviceable straps, and you may not like to show them to the world {I don’t.}

Nursing mums — says the internet — seem to like them, too: one can quite conveniently pop out a boob, and there’s no pulling and dragging on the sensitive bresticle skin.

I wouldn’t run for a bus in this, as it’s not that supportive, but otherwise? I’m so comfortable I may take a nap.

*FUN FACT: Since its launch in Ireland in February of this year, the Belvia Bra has sold 200,000 units. I don’t know, I keep thinking That’s 400,000 boobs, and it makes me laugh.

I think I may actually need that nap.


The Belvia Bra comes in black, white and beige and retails for €15.59. Available at Heatons.

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