To Be Snatched Up On the Way Out of a Burning Building: Finishing Touch Lumina

The Finishing Touch Lumina Personal Hair Remover, to give it its full, glorious appellation.

Here’s the thing. I have inured myself to using the epilator on my chin, and below my chin. I get my eyebrows waxed, but can pull egregious hairs out one at a time. But the upper lip area? As sensitive and tender as the day I was born.

The only stuff that worked was some cream stuff I got at Boots — but that sadly let me down, and I have been wary ever since. The only thing worked was the Beauty Trimmer via, and as reported via that link, it doesn’t bounce, and eventually just fell all into bits and pieces.

Enter the FT Lumina, as I like to call it for short. Also available from JML, it is even better.

Look how fancy!

A faceted jewel concealing a mighty blade!

It doesn’t look all that mighty, but it is! Two swipes at the upper lip with this bad gal and buh-bye, annoying and unsightly hairs! No pain, no tears, no smelly cream!

The thing about facial hair is that it is sneaky. One day, there you are, bopping down the road, happily hairless, and then the next second — the next second — you are maybe sitting having a cup of coffee with someone, and you go to touch up your illuminating powder, and there they are, those feckin’ hairs, sticking out in all directions. Gah!

This is one of my most necessary beauty tools, and seriously, if you haven’t gotten the message — GET THIS.


For the record, other things on the list are: loved ones, iPhone, laptops, my stereo thingie, which isn’t exactly portable but is manageable, and my stuffed dog that I have had since I was 8 years old and has been everywhere with me.


€18 [approx], £14.99;

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