@*!&$# Penneys! Want, But Know Better!

I have an obsession with jackets and coats. This came down in my DNA — I had a conversation with my auntie once, about how many jackets and coats we had, and that we couldn’t seem to stop buying them.

Jackets and coats are lovely. They are smart. They have snaps, and buttons — and my favourite, zippers — and collars and cuffs and are car length or full length or cropped. They can be anything!

They are amazing.

Now this. This, I look at it, and I gasp and sigh, but oh holy night: if there is anything in this world designed to make me utterly unattractive, it is a furry coat.

I can’t even wear velvet! Too curvy; end up looking like a plush toy.

So I can only dream, but I bet there are one or two of you out there who can pull off this look.


Penneys Animal Faux Fur Jacket €35, in stores mid-September.

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