I Love It When Stuff Works: NYC Smoky Top Coat

Like that.

There’s a whole new world of top coats out there — I’m expecting a sample of OPI’s shatter-y looking stuff any minute now — and since my nails are in the rudest health ever, I am very much enjoying the exploration.

NYC sent out their autumn trends, and amongst them was Rock Muse Smoky Top Coat. I liked the look of the sparkles, and didn’t believe that htey would ever look as good out of the bottle as they did in. I muttered to myself, Yeah, right as I twisted open the bottle.

Ha! So there, Cynical Sue! Completely shiny and totally protective, all in one go. It is a bit of a crap shoot, it has to be said, as to the volume of sparkle that you’ll get, and I reckon if you keep applying, you’ll end up with a clump of confusion at your fingertips.

Underneath is the Avon Nailwear Pro in Naked Truth, from last week, so as you can see: smoky to the max. It’s going to look like that no matter what’s underneath. A stronger pigment, like a red, will fare better, if you want the colour to show through.

It lasted for the guts of three days with no chipping; removal was as much effort as any of these sparkly yokes generally require, which is: a lot.

Best of all: cheaper than chips! €1.29!


Available in pharmacies nationwide.

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