Ask And Ye Shall Receive: OPI Shatter

We call upon World Famous Supermodel Thumbnail™ once again. {Honestly, must start its own Twitter feed.}

Sure it was only yesterday or the day before I was saying that I had some OPI Shatter in my future, and the future is clearly now.

I wish I had video capabilities on this site, because watching this stuff work is cool. You brush it on and just watch it… well, shatter.

I like this look, because as I am generally so sloppy with my varnish application, this makes all my ills look I’ve done them on purpose.

Now I really can’t wait ’til my split nail is all grown back! Except I’m looking at it now, and overnight, that fault line looks to be back. Is the Dr Lewinn’s Renunail not enough?!?! Blast!


€13.20 {RRP}

2 thoughts on “Ask And Ye Shall Receive: OPI Shatter

  1. just this past weekend I saw on a cousin’s nails this thing, preeeeetty neat! Hers was green and black!

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