Fall Face: Time for Foundation Again

I’ve gotten into the Irish habit of saying ‘autumn’ but it’s just not alliterative.

I have many foundations in the bath, waiting for testing, but I had to give this one a go: Korres Pomegranate Foundation {€23}, mainly because I had never experienced the brand before.

^That’s code for, never heard of ’em! and it was with some trepidation that I picked it up. Which is ridic, because A} how am I ever going to make new favourites if I don’t try stuff, and B} trying stuff is my job.

Korres are a Greek brand, which immediately sends me into a daydream of sunshine and blindingly white buildings and views of the sea from mountaintops and delicious food. They cover your whole bod, basically, outside and in, with a herbal pharmacy department offering up syrups and pastilles. Also: man stuff! This is a brand I’d like to get to know better.

Anyway, the first foray back into foundation in the fall is fraught with … some thing beginning with F — fear! Having become accustomed to my bronze-y face, the return to pale-and-interesting always feels like it errs on the side of Buster Keaton.

This also has to do with two things that must be put down to operator error:
1} I always dispense far too much product
2} I am still using my fingers even though I have written about how a brush is the best way to apply.

1 was an issue with Korres, because the texture of the foundation is so like face cream — in a good way, but due to the amount I squeezed out, I really had a terrible wastage situation on my hands, literally. Once I got used to the excellent coverage, the second time round went much better.

The pomegranate is there to tighten the pores; I didn’t really notice, but will pay it mind the next time. I didn’t feel like the foundation was wearing me, either, which was great, and it felt moisturising, which is greater.

Downside: I felt like it sank in a little too much over time. I’ve experienced foundations that seem to float over the top of your skin for the length of the day, and this isn’t one of them. {I like the Chanel Perfection Lumiére for that quality, but give lower points for coverage; Clarins Everlasting Foundation wins in both categories, just so you know}

There will be a next time, after I test all the other foundations I’ve got waiting in the bath. A fall face’s work is never done.


Korres is available at Harvey Nichols, and online from bathandunwind.com.

2 thoughts on “Fall Face: Time for Foundation Again

  1. That’s the way you know “summer” (yes, the quotation marks really are necessary) is over: the need to wear foundation is back!! (Makes me realise that I may need to go shopping for a new one, I’m running out).
    I like the great coverage you described for this one, but the fact that it sank too much definitely is a point against it.

    • I think I also need to hit the Avon peeling thing again — I am no longer ivory-skinned! Or maybe I never actually was… O.o
      So hard to tell after months of bronzing…

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