More Jacket Lust. Yes, I Do Have a Problem

The problem is that I want all the jackets!

From F+F, the Waxed Four Pocket Jacket.

I had one waxed jacket once, because: horses, and it was so unflattering that I gave it to a charity shop. This is potentially sooo flattering because of the belt.

I wish this image was better, but it is the best I can find at this stage. This is priced around €35ish, maybe €40, which is still fairly amazeballs, considering. Given our Current Climate, economic aspects notwithstanding, a stylish way to repel the rain is going to score high on my own personal sheet.

This is a very equine-inspired olive, which I fancy somethin’ rotten.

Excuse me while I wander off down the local Tesco, I’m sure I’m almost out of eggs.

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