Eyebrow Dye: Should I?

I’m little afraid.

The thing I love best about all the things there is to love about HD Brows is the part with the dye.

It is almost gone — I got a pretty impressive run, almost a month! — and they look okay with enhancements, but not 100% fantabulous.

So I got this… Such detailed directions! So complicated! Or it seems so for someone {me} who is never bothered to follow directions a’tall.

I am so going to follow these, because doin’ this wrong would have terrible consequences.

Should I?

3 thoughts on “Eyebrow Dye: Should I?

  1. Are you 100% sure? For me, anything permanent or semi-permanent on one’s face should be left to professionals.
    Now if you do it, do follow the instructions. yes, even the parts that make you go “WTF are they on about, it’s useless, I’ll skip this part”!

  2. I’ve been contemplating this myself but need to get my brows waxed too so am going to get the whole shebang done in Benefit next week instead. If you do do it, let us know how it goes! Once you don’t leave it on for too long, it should be fine? I find eyebrow dye fades really quickly anyway so if it goes really wrong you can just confine yourself to the house for a couple of days ;-)

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