Special Guest Post @lovelygirliebits!

No, hey, over here!

Okay, wait, before you go, just have to say how chuffed I was to be asked to contribute to someone else’s blog. Karen from lovelygirliebits is my first internet/blogger/Twitter friend — awwwwww! — mainly because we watch the same programmes and tweet about them all the time. Ironically, she is over in NYC for The Thanksgiving, whilst I am over here, turkeyless.

Ah well, go over there, to her site, and check me out, and then check out the rest of the blog. It is fab!

2 thoughts on “Special Guest Post @lovelygirliebits!

  1. Catching up on my bloggy reading list and saw this! I’m so honoured to be your first interwebby chum and I’m not a weirdo! Well, not really…. Thanks so much for the fantastic guest post missus, I loved it :)

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