Mane Salon: How to Achieve Hairvana

Back in… hang on. Yeah, okay, it is totally understandable that I couldn’t place this particular event. It really could have been any time this year, because the weather has all been the same, and I guess many rooms of my Mind Palace classify information with attendant meteorological elements. Which, after all this time living here, you’d think was pointless in the extreme.

I was trying to visualise the Wella event that yielded me those RayBans, and I thought, Hmmm, this memory feels a bit chilly, but not exactly like winter. Crazy ol’ me, I tend to think of that as ‘March’.

Back in July, Wella took a rake of us beauty gals out to a fancy meal, to celebrate the launch of Illumina Color, which, if you are too busy to click through, is ‘a new range of natural looking hair colours that increases the level of light reflection and shine when the hair is dyed. We saw several representative treatments — blonde, red, brunette — and they were very, very Wow.’

In a bid for some of that Wow, I went to Mane Salon in The Grooming Rooms in South William Street, and took it for a spin.

I hesitate to call Andrew Dunne simply a colourist. He’s a consultant with Wella Professionals, and has an international profile, and has been on the cutting edge of colour since he began his work in London; in fact, he is constantly honing that cutting edge. His approach is all about the art of colour, of light and shade and how the hair moves, and what the hair means. It’s a combination of artistry and psychology that works impressively well, and therefore ‘colourist’ is an inadequate term.

Like, he did a personality analysis on me which was totally spot on, even to the point where he knew he ought to apologise a little for saying ‘L.A. vibe’. Which, hello: I got your East Coast bias right here — but he’s not wrong.

A glance at a bit of the interior, and you know you’re in an artistic place, figuratively and literally.

MANE 2aIt’s like stepping into the pages of a glossy magazine, with the pleasant surprise that it’s stylish, but not the least bit snooty: you’re greeted warmly, and offered really nice coffee, and you feel like you’re hanging out with your friends, the ones who’ve got really good, yet quirky taste in furnishings.

Look, there’s a phrenology bust on the mantelpiece. Need I say more?

It took two hours — two hours — for Andrew, and his colleague, Rob, to paint up The Hair. Andrew is all about the movement, about layering tone on tone, on bringing out one’s ‘eye line’, about giving you the hair that you should have been born with. Me, I was lucky enough to have been born with a scalp ready to sprout a bunch ‘o’ locks, but the colour has always been a series of marginally successful experiments, along with several disasters. I came to Andrew tired of messing around, and he was ready to stop the buck.


Two hours. And alllll the papers.

Sure, I could have stayed there for many, many more hours, talking about hair in general, and my Hair in particular. It is hair-directed person’s safe space: I could say {and did say, several times} ‘My hair is very important to me,’ and it was greeted with absolute understanding and agreement.

I have achieved Hairvana.


Ah, now. {Lovely cut and style by Aideen.}


*Gasp!* Seriously, I look at that, and it’s like it’s not even my own hair.

I suppose the biggest selling point for me is the superior coverage of The Gray, and yet it is such a sheer product. It didn’t smell as chemical-ly as hair colour normally does, nor did it carry that smell… well, it never did smell at all, not even on the day. You know how it can reek a bit, even after the next shampoo? None of that with this.

There’s more info at, as well as some super-mad but also creative uses of the product — but I think that its strongest selling point is that it looks incredibly natural. I have been delighted by the colour, and the cut, in the intervening week: it feels and looks fuller and bouncier and healthier, and every good word you can stick -ier onto.

Hairvana is, as suspected, utter bliss.


Mane Salon is located in The Grooming Rooms, 16 South William Street, Dublin 2. Prices range from €100-160 for colour and €60-80 for cut.

Ring 01 672 5177 for an appointment.

5 thoughts on “Mane Salon: How to Achieve Hairvana

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  2. Totally agree with this entire article. I went to Andrew when there was Zoo years back and while Andrew hasn’t done my hair in a long time, Aideen has been doing a stellar job and I wouldn’t swap her for the world. When Zoo closed down I followed Aideen like a sick puppy, and was delighted when Mane opened – every thing you describe above is bang on. I love my hair days when I get to loll around and getting pampered, entertained and beautified. Everything about the place makes you feel special.

  3. Mane is just fab. Located upstairs in ‘The Grooming Rooms’ opposite the Powerscourt centre.Have been going here for years! (followed the crew when Zoo closed) which is a testament to their professional, caring service. Booking in advance is a must due to this.I wouldn’t go anywhere else, I trust them totally with my locks!
    The decor is minimalist, cool and relaxing. Staff are friendly, professional, put you totally at ease & nothing is too much trouble.
    Went for a major change in style recently and was thrilled with the results. Special mention to Debs(colourist) & Edel(for cut)……… They know their stuff and will truthfully advise you.
    Excellent service from all the staff in general, recommend it highly.

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