Mark Hill Salon Professional and The Hair: Long May it Wave

I wasn’t sure, going to bed on Wednesday night, if I was going to wash my hair Thursday morning.

Thursday afternoon was going to be packed, which would usually call for squeaky clean locks, but according to my iPhone, the weather looked to be squally, so why waste the energy, if The Hair was only going to get rained on?

I decided that in the a.m., I would blast the roots with some class of dry shampoo, and iron it out. It would be fine.

I twisted it up into a knot on the top of my head and slept the sleep of the decisive.

When I unravelled it the next day, it looked… really big and wavy and kind of good? This is, I believe, a direct result of having used Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream on Wednesday. I love this stuff so much I want to marry it; I’m going to be writing yet another paean of lurve to it in a few weeks, so for now will just direct you here.

I felt inspired by this wavy largeness to make it even wavier and larger, and so I cracked open the Mark Hill Salon Professional Bad Girl Glam Wicked Waver from Boots{€69}.

00 MARK HILL WAVERWicked, indeed. As are the crazy gloves supplied: sensible to have one for each hand, odd that they are only for the thumb and first two fingers — I felt like a doe, or something.

Odd, because they look odd, but also I am odd because I am not very good at these implements, and need my whole hand to make it work.

Or so I thought.

01 WEIRD GLOVEThere’s the weird glove, and a demonstration of my lack of finesse. A brochure was not included in the box: one scans the QR code, and is immediately provided with a video of the man himself doing some lucky gal’s hair. I got the general idea: twist your hair around the wavy barrel, and hold.

Yeah, you know, it sounds easy, but I had some issues.


All the hair tended to pile up in one place, try as I might to distribute it along the wavy barrel. In the video, Mark says to leave the ends alone, which I don’t like at all. Why go to the trouble of all the twisting if it’s all going to just stick out at the ends?

03 EH.

Not best pleased.

I had blasted the roots with Ojon Full Detox™ Rub-Out Dry Cleansing Spray, which I am not crazy about (as I have said), but it’s the only dry shampoo spray I had to hand. I lashed on some more of the Morocconoil, twisted my hair back up again, stuffed it under a hat, and went about my business.

With about 45 minutes between appointments, I slipped into the Gresham to do a bit of work. Up in the restroom, I decided to see what The Hair was up to.

04 OH!

Now, in fairness, everyone’s hair looks nice when shot from above and splayed across one’s shoulders to its fullest effect. But the combo of the styled waves, the styling cream, and about an hour twisted all up in a knot resulted in a nice, big, wavy hairdo.

I believe that this approach will work best with second-day hair; that the Ojon spray is grand for the roots; and that if I practice, I might get better with the Waver. I say ‘might’ because I really am not convinced that a person can use this its fullest effect by themselves.

And having said that, I am even crap at hot rollers, so, you know, take it with a grain of salt. Because at the end of the day — the long, long day yesterday — The Hair held the wave, and I ended up quite pleased.


Kudos to the Gresham for the exceedingly flattering lighting in the loo.

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