Eyelash Extensions, Week One: Wishes and Tweeeeeeezers

BEFORE N AFTERLest we forgot, here’s that photo again.

So, a couple of things:
> I have lost four lashes in a week. That leaves fifty-six. I think I have, happily, lost two one each eye! That’s four wishes I’ve got on the go, now I know how to do that properly. {Well, I thought I did, by I just checked and there’s all sorts of rules; I’m going to stick with the one that says to blow it off the tip of your finger as you make your wish.}

> The first one that fell out was an epic experience: I felt it come loose, and I didn’t catch it time, and it went into my WHERE IT GOT STUCKeye? You know the way? And this is worse, because it is plastic or whatever.

So I kept staring, to try to get enough water into my eye to wash it away {you know the what I mean.} All my nails were too short to tease it out, and then it shifted around and got stuck right in the curve of my eyeball, where it meets that part right at the corner? I have highlighted it at left. I couldn’t get it to move at all, so I — I had to use tweezers.

Tweeeezerrrrrs in my eyyyyyyyyyyyyyye!

> Obviously, now I am totally self-conscious about these things falling out. I worry about my hair catching on them. Will they get all smashed up in my sleep? I am concerned when I open the oven — will I met them off my face?

> I am finding them to be annoying in the shower. My face gets wet, I go to wipe it — mind the lashes!

> I am not entirely convinced I am getting all the eye makeup of, because: see above!

> My left eyelashes are way more tangly than my right! Is this a brain thing again?

In a nutshell: not too sure. So far, I am spending way too much time thinking/fretting/tending these yokes.

But/however/in fairness: they are soooo flicky. The ones at the outside alone are so long and so come-hither…

Let’s see how week two unfolds, shall we?


I got my eyelashes extended at Venus Medical in Dundrum. See venusmedical.ie for more info.


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