B&B! Q&A: Marie Reynolds

IMG_0648‘Candles are a a symbol of peace and light in a dark situation. They are lit for remembrance and hope, and many believe lighting candles are an extension of prayer. They also act as a source of focus to clear the mind in meditation.’
— Marie Reynolds

And, in fairness, they are vital components of sexytimes. Reynolds is a celebrated facialist, noted for the breadth of her experience in the world of skincare. Her line of luxury massage  candles, MRL Aromawax, have so much going for them, that it behove us to go straight to the source to answer — ha, ha — some burning questions…

How long was the idea for the massage candles in the works?
I have used Soya wax for many years in treatment, but felt they lacked a certain joie de vive. I also wanted the benefits of soya and shea butter as a treatment to be brought to the masses.

What was the process from concept to execution?
I had been to a talk at the House of Lords on the importance of British brands, and wanted to focus on a brand that was ‘home grown’ and organic that could be used on the skin. I was originally going to start off with skin care, but the time scale to create, test and release such products was too long. So I used my knowledge with aromatherapy and skincare in the form of MRL Aromawax Candles.

Being a therapist I know how well soya can be used with other ingredients, like sea salt to be adapted in treatments for body scrubs, or mixed with therapeutic mud for body wraps. Soya has a complete amino acid complex so the candle bases are extremely hydrating and nourishing, as well as healing and softening. Added into the mix are specific blends for refreshing, stimulating or relaxing the senses.

What’s great about using the soya is that it turns the candle into massage oil! I love the idea that the candle is romantic on two levels! How does one best get the warmed wax out of the jar?
The wax itself can be used solid: just rub your finger around the top of the candle and apply as a solid perfume. I actually have a candle at my desk and scoop it out to massage in my hands. The most effective way is to remove the wax when the wick it lit with a wooden spatula.

Common sense says, blow out the candle first… but won’t that wreck the mood?
If you pour the wax it will cause smoking, which is not nice. We don’t want anyone choking in an intimate setting! Scoop the wax with a spatula!

Lush Locks

What gave you the idea for the Lush Locks Hair Treatment Candle, and what is the best way to use these?
Many therapists use warm oil for Indian Head massage, so Lush Locks was born! The wax, when melted, can be used as a massage medium, or used as a conditioning treatment overnight: simply massage into the hair from root to end and in the morning wash as normal. The oil can be used sparingly as a balm for dry ends. The aroma is Wild Neroli and Champa Flowers, so they smell divine!

I personally cannot imagine life without candles, and am always tempted to pack up a bunch of ’em when I go visiting… can you talk a bit about the Travel Aromawax collection? Did you find yourself abroad, experiencing a candle emergency???
Well, I am afraid I cannot take credit for the Travel Candles! They were initially developed as samples; my dear friend and PR, Shirley Dumhall, said they would be ideal for a travel candle, and they seem to be a great hit! Actually, many people like to try them as a set which is  a great idea, that way you get a taster of all the candles.

How does candlelight help our feelings of wellbeing?
It goes without saying that any setting — be it a spa, salon, hotel room, bedroom, bathroom – once lit with a candle or even better, ‘candles’, evokes a sense of relaxation this has an immediate impact on our stress levels, mentally, emotionally and physically. The fact that the Aromawax Candles tap into the sense of smell and touch are an added benefit.


Marie Reynolds Aromawax Massage candles are priced as follows: 135g boxed candle is €40 (25 hours burning time); 50g Votive (10 hour burning time) is €11.50.

UPDATE! See here for a review of Lush Locks!


See mrlcandles.com for more information.


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