Face of the Yesterday: Champagne meets Lemonade

No, I haven’t been tippling the bubbly again. More’s the pity!

Nope, I’ve just got evidence that you can mix-n-match your variously-priced products along the spectrum, to excellent effect.

Often, things come in on an individual basis, as in, I didn’t get a Name Brand Primer to go with my Name Brand Foundation. But I did get one of each from two very different lines.

So there I was, with Mineral Pro Radiance Foundation {€29.95} from Matis, on the one hand, and Rimmel London’s Fix & Perfect Pro Primer {€8.25}. Far enough away in price point, and purchase point too: the former being available in select salons, and the latter in your local chemists.

And yet, the two together work as well as if they’d been made for each other.

FOTD 31 01The tone is even, and since I’m not so mad about pressed powder these days, the usual application of Stila’s Set & Illuminate Baked Powder Trio {£24} really sparkled. I am loving this loose powder which, well, sets ISADORA BRUSHand illuminates without dulling down my complexion. I use an IsaDora Bronzer Brush {€18}, a brush so full and soft and fluffy, it’s like using a plush toy to put on my makeup.

Blush: IsaDora Glow Stick in Rose Bud {€15.50}{which seems pricey? Google is not helping me.} Lippy is a new, limited edition No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in Highland Mist {€12.25}. The eyeshadow is by The Body Shop, a quad Smoky Eye Palette in Golden Brown {23.95}, the lashes are still extended a la Venus Medical, and…

Oh! The upper inner eyelid is lined with Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner {@5.49}, about which I first learned via mcmademoisellelikes and was justified in my love of this line of liners by lovelygirliebits yesterday.

I don’t know, I’ve never used all one thing on the visage, ever, so I suppose this is not so remarkable. But I was still struck by how well the two very different products worked together. I remember, in high school, using like, two layers of lipstick and a gloss, to replicate some expensive look I’d seen in Vogue. Ah, yesterday!


Hmmm, not confident about those IsaDora prices. BRB.


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