How’re They Doin’? Eyelash Extensions: Week 3

I didn’t bother updating Week 2, because I felt like such a first-world eejit. I mean, okay, the lashes get extremely tangled up in the gale force winds we’ve been experiencing in the last seven days or so. It is annoying, and also makes me worry about them — also annoying. So it was just a big pile-on of annoyance.

Here we are in week 3, however, and I have finally stopped treating these things like they are tiny newborn babies. They aren’t exactly that delicate. Neither am I back to scrubbing my face and eye area like I used to, which is good/bad. Good, because I am treating that like a tiny newborn baby, which should give me better mileage down the years; bad because am still not entirely convinced that I’m really doing a good job cleaning my face.

^ However, this has really gotten me onto the toner bandwagon, which is past time, probably.

> I am less bothered by them in the shower.

Here’s the original set:
EYELASHES the Original

The left eye, now:
WEEK 3 left

And the right:
WEEK 3 right

In fairness, I just snapped the photos without tweaking them. WYSIWYG, betches. They do present better when I nudge them around, but just so everybody is aware, it’s not like you wake up perfect.

Am I the only one always expecting miracles? *Sigh*

I have lost count of how many lashes I have lost — many wishes going begging! But I have to say, blowy weather notwithstanding, I am not as bothered by these as I was in the beginning.

Will I do them again? Maybe for a big event, but for everyday, I am not convinced that these are my thang.*


I got my eyelashes extended at Venus Medical in Dundrum. See for more info.


*Sue, you are so going to miss them when they are gone!


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