Lovely Linkage: Pixy Ireland and That Magic Mischief

PIXY LOVE HAMPERI chatted with the folks over at Pixy ahead of the upcoming giveaway. I have to say: am in envy mode for whoever gets this Pink Love Hamper, which includes

This magnificent gift contains a luxurious strawberry shower mousse, a deliciously softening heart-shaped massage bar with aduki beans to stimulate the skin, a gently cleansing heart-shaped scented soap, a moisturising loofah foot scrub in a pretty flower shape, a conditioning foot cream in a cute heart-shaped tin and adorable heart-shaped lime body scrubs.

THAT MAGIC MISCHIEFI really like the sound of that aduki-bean massage bar. I’ve tried samples from the Pixy range of soaps, and have been only delighted by them. I’m a fan of the shower mousse especially.

So! Do head over to a digital purveyour of eBooks, buy your copy of That Magic Mischief, and prepare to be in with a chance to win! there will be a question you’ll have to answer based on a detail in the book. Hint: it will have something to do with the pooka…


Have a look at the rest of the Pixy line over at


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