B&B! Q&A: Derek Raymond Price, Creator of the Ladycare Magnet

Derek Raymond Price LadycareDerek Raymond Price is the creator of the Ladycare Magnet, a proven and effective way to control the symptoms of The Menopause.

I know that magnets work in healing the body: when I had my ornate horseriding injury, the least of which was a slightly torn calf muscle, I used magnets on the advice of my physio. Using medical tape to affix them to the effected area, the muscle healed extremely quickly, and I’ve been a convert ever since.

What happens is, the magnet relaxes capillary walls which allows more blood to flow to the area you want to heal. They also impede the electrochemical reactions in nerve cells that send messages of pain to the brain.

Most of the symptoms of The Menopause — bloating, lethargy, mood swings, and the dreaded hot flushes — are more of a pain in the arse than a cause of pain, but why have pain at all? Especially if there is pain relief that has no side effects? How could this possibly work?

‘LadyCare is a small powerful, static magnetic device that simply attaches discreetly and comfortably to your underwear,’ he explains. It’s a little tear-shaped yoke, very fashion-forward in sparkly purple, and you basically set it and forget it. It’s not so great to wear if you are sporting a clingy, body con LBD {I am putting the ‘hot’ into ‘hot flash’} but otherwise, I couldn’t recommend this more highly. Nevertheless, I had a few Qs for Mr Price…

You are not a lady. What made you decide to invent the Ladycare Magnet?
I had previously discovered there were many health problems that could be helped using static magnetic fields without adverse effects. I had designed a device to help a male colleague that was proving to be beneficial. My curiosity led me to think could this device help women in any way, so I found few women that were prepared to use it for a month and report any changes.

I was amazed when several of the women contacted me all excited saying they had not suffered with their usual pain during their period. I was shocked as I had not even considered this condition — from that point I decided to focus totally on research and developed a product particularly for period pain, which LC MAGNETbecame very successful over the years.

How long did it take, from concept to reality, to get the Ladycare Magnet into the shops (and into our knickers?)
During my research, I was fortunate to meet Dr. Nyjon Eccles of Harley St., who has helped in many ways, including conducting many medical surveys and trials. Following a very successful trial in 2006 with 500 women reported reduced or complete elevation of their hot sweats, LadyCare was launched. The awareness of the benefits of LadyCare have grown enormously leading to high demand here in Boots Pharmacy UK since 2009 also now available in many countries worldwide.

What does the magnet target, in the body, that makes it work?
Dr Eccles has identified an autonomic imbalance (a parasympathetic nervous system deficit) in menopause and peri-menopause.

Sweating is under the control of the autonomic nervous system (ANS), more specifically the sympathetic division (fight-flight/stress reactor system).

There are 2 divisions of the ANS, the Sympathetic division (SNS) which is the fight-flight stress reactor system of the body: when we perceive a threat the heart beats faster, and the pupils dilate to allow more light for enhanced visual acuity and faster reactions.

In contrast, the Parasympathetic division (PNS) is responsible for rest and digestion. The latter is the repair and regulatory system of the body, and tends to have the opposite effect to the SNS. For example, the SNS speeds the heart rate while the PNS slows it down.  The two systems work together to regulate all our organ systems.

LadyCare seems to correct this nervous system imbalance; specifically enhancing the parasympathetic activity. This provides a plausible explanation for the relief of menopause symptoms by LadyCare and also for the reduction of period pain by MN8.


The LadyCare magnet RRP is  €29.95 Available from selected pharmacies and health stores nationwide, or order online at http://www.ladycare-ireland.ie


Always seek the advice of your doctor!


7 thoughts on “B&B! Q&A: Derek Raymond Price, Creator of the Ladycare Magnet

  1. I am now a ”proud owner ” of a Lady Care magnet BUT I have just read that 29% of women who did the control tests, started their periods again after using the magnet….Why is that? That to me is a huge disadvantage! HELP!!

    • Yes, just saw that stat myself — I don’t know, I’m happy enough to have gotten rid of the heart palpitations and the night sweats! And getting the hot flushes under control, too.

      I don’t imagine there is one thing that’s going to be perfect? As ever, your mileage may vary — do let us know how you get on.

  2. I started using ladycare 6wks ago and can honestly say it’s amazing I couldn’t be without it , no more wet sweats yippee. I can’t praise it enough

  3. I have been wearing ladycare magnet now two weeks and it hasn’t made a difference , should I keep wearing it?

  4. hi i was so so happy with the magnet but after two months the flushes are back with a vengeance……:(

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