Bonjour, Les Sourcils! {Cue Something Triumphant; 1812 Overture, Maybe}

I rather dramatically bid buh-bye to the eyelash extensions* I got in mid-January — in French, who knows why.

So in the same vein, let’s say bonjour to the freshly HD’d brows:


Carter Beauty take such good care of them! I was about to spin off into how sourcils is so similar to souris, which means mouse, and both so similar to sourire, which means smile — is it just the sou– part? Do I really know what I’m talking about? Am I going to start calling my eyebrows ‘my smiling mice’?

Is it entymology or eytmology? Words or bugs, or vice versa?

I ran out of coffee yesterday without realising it, can you tell?


Carter Beauty HD Brows is €50 for the initial treatment.
Carter Beauty is based at 40 Main Street, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.
For more information, see or ring them on  01-210 3624.


*Here are the eyelash extensions, in all their glory.


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