That Magic Mischief ‘n’ Me in Exclusive Magazine!

Screen shot 2013-03-12 at 12.51.21

I’m not entirely sure this link is going to work — hang on — hey, mostly! The page on the left can be found in the digital version of Exclusive, the very fancy magazine available in posh shops all across Dublin and also via the ether. We’re on page 38. Thanks to editor Brenda McCormick for asking me to contribute.

The picture in the article is via Johannes Kroemer {}, and I am still so, so happy with. I love that it makes me look like I have bone structure! The magic of lighting! I’ve got some new ones via Mike Blackett {} and @SmashboxUK that will find their way onto the site — those are good ones too, and now: with more blonde!

I’m home due to a family emergency, and am not sure of the netiquette, to be honest. I am so not into the TMI — well, I mean, obvs as far as like, The Hair is concerns, I’ve got no boundaries… but I know that my dad, who is in hospice, would be entirely cross with me if I didn’t see to my responsibilities, and such like.

So I’ll figure it out as I go along.



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