Sweet Sixteen Minus Six: The New Top Ten of All Time {This Time}

Back in December of 2011, when I started this blog, I had the bright idea to do a series of essays to kick things off. I wanted to talk about my top ten products of all time — at that particular time, anyway.

This was the idea: to kick off my new blog about all things beautyfull with a Top Ten All-Time Fave Beauty Products as decided by me, someone who has not only been using make up and other assorted pampering products almost all her life (I count the Mr Bubble from my very early years to be evidence of self-care precosity) but has also been paid to opine about their relative merits and demerits for a number of years. Let’s say that, hmm, five new products a week x 52 weeks in the year = holy cow, 260 products a year.

Multiplied by how many years? Eek.

Right. Then I started counting up the Faves, and hmmm, yeah, it turned out to be a rather more than ten, but not enough to be — God help me — twenty-five. So then I decided that Sweet Sixteen had a definite editorial flair, with a soupçon of girly, and a splash of Americanism, so my blog was born.

I send my very best regards to any followers who were here to read all that, in the beginning. In the beginning I almost killed myself doing all the words for those posts, and I’ve learned a few tricks since then. Over the next several days, we’re going to take a trip into the wayback machine because, you know what? There really are only ten that have stood the test of time.

Well, that time, anyway. I wonder what my top ten products of all-new-time would be now?


You can cut me off at the pass and search the category SWEET SIXTEEN — or you can just watch this space!


Nary a lip balm in the lot! Nor anything for The Hair! Disgraceful!


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