I Used It All Up: Stila Set & Illuminate Baked Powder Trio

I never use anything all up. I never get to use anything all up! It’s all ABT with me {Always Be Testing}, all the time. In fact, if I use something all the way up, well, that’s as a big a seal of approval as I can give.

Behold, Stila Set & Illuminate Baked Trio.

STILA SET & ILLUMINATE prettyIn the past, I was not one for arseing around with loose powder and graters and brushes. In the last few places I’ve lived, there hasn’t been room for me to keep all my cosmetic gear in the bathroom. Despite my latest loo being small, it is perfectly formed, and I have all my stuff in there, and the lighting is actually pretty good.

Now that I can hang over the sink and dust on the looseness, I am a convert, and this little beauty is the main reason why. Comprised of three shades, in which the Pale pink warms the complexion, the Champagne highlights and the Kitten Shimmer brightens and illuminates, this is my go-to set-the-foundation, liven-up-the-look powder.

Or… it was.

Picked it up the other day, as I do, gave the grater a twist, and then — nothing.

Not a single speck of beautiful, beautiful powder was brought forth.

I grated and grated, you know the way, the way you do when you’re looking for something in your bag that you know should be there and it is not but you look and look anyway, well, I grated and grated and… nothing.

I simply did not believe that there was nothing left, so I got all McGyver up in that shizz.
STILA SET & ILLUMINATE bustedThere’s some left, maybe two faces-worth if I am parsimonious. Dammit.

I should just let this go, but after taking that photo, I carefully closed it all up again, with the intention of binning it, but there it is sitting on my desk, at my right hand.

Well, there’s always the One Step Illuminate.STILA one step illuminate It’s got that famous combo of Pink, Champagne and Kitten Shimmer, in a serum that you apply underneath foundation. Like a serum-y primer. It’s terrific too, if somewhat colonic-looking.

I just loved the sense of finish that I got from the powder. The one half turn of the grater, one swipe of the kabuki brush, and I got just the correct amount of shine-control and the perfect degree of illumination.

Obvs, there’s nothing for it but to get some more. I don’t know why I’m so wistful, it’s not like it doesn’t exist in the world. I mean, it’s not like it’s been discontinued. Right? Right?!?!

This is causing me to ponder all the other thing that I have used all up. And I wonder about the things that you have used all up?


Set & Illuminate Baked Powder Trio: €31.60/£24/$34
One Step Illuminate: €31.60/£24/$36


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