When is Maintenance Too High? Sisley Paris Mascara Étoffant Fortifiant

I have silently been bemoaning the demise of my eyelash extensions, as I knew I would… They have just seemed so stubby, and it may chiefly be psychological, but I think it is actual as well. There was a whole thing in the post, linked above, about anagen phases and telegen phases, in reference to hair growth, and there’s no way that my lashes can have grown much since I removed them.

*Sigh* So when I got a sample of Sisley Paris Étoffant Fortifiant Mascara {that would be Thickening Fortifying, en Anglais}, I thought, ‘Excellent! Let us begin thickening and fortifying straightaway!’

I opened the tube, and drew out the wand.

Well, yuck! I know that there are folks who have to wipe down their wands {talk about yuck}, on a daily basis, but I’ve never had a problem with too much mascara on an applicator. As I like to say when it comes to this particular cosmetic: Too Much Is Never Enough.

Imagine my chagrin. I could see exactly where this was going to go: product allll over my eyelid, that annoying blot that never comes off. Those irritating little dots that land on your lids from the blinking. This was a mess just waiting to happen.

BLOTThat’s not as much blottage as I thought there would be. Doing the scrape-y thing at the mouth of the tube helped curb the excess. The comb itself doesn’t seem to hold that much mascara, at least not on the comb-y side. The flat side? Full up to the max of product just waiting to smear everywhere.

Now, here’s the thing. I consider this high maintenance. By extension, I consider that statement to be in my favour: if I think it’s too much work to wipe product off a wand, then despite my habitual and comprehensive use of the products of beauty, I am not wasting to much time in getting the stuff on my face.

Which! may be why I get blots and such on my eyelids! This mascara made me go slow, take my time, and practically coat each lash individually. The result?

Well, hurray! I am much happier than I look in that photo, let me tell you.

A key thing, though: this dries super fast, so if you want to get a million layers on, like I do, don’t wait very long in between applications. Also, be careful when applying to the back of the lashes, that’s where the little blobs make their presence known. I say that, knowing that I can blob even when I’m doing the fronts. Or bottoms and tops. Whatever! Be careful!

Huh. Looks like a little high maintenance product, every now and then, is no bad thing.


€44 — which is very O.o for mascara. I am assuming this will last me forever, if not an eternity?


3 thoughts on “When is Maintenance Too High? Sisley Paris Mascara Étoffant Fortifiant

  1. You know you can get excess off the wand while taking brush out of the tube. You just need to tilt it a bit while you are taking it out.

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