AOTD: Tanned, Glowing and Manicured {Partially}


AOTDAll it seems to take is that first swipe of self tan, and I am a goner. I did the legs, and then got some sun from horseriding, and then decided it was the arms’ turn.

Behold, one of said limbs, adorned with Xen-Tan Weekly Self-Tan with Moroccanoil {€30}. I was actually quite alarmed when I dispensed some on my tanning mitt. It was dark! Even more taken aback when I applied it to my arms. It was really dark! I mean, there’s fake and then there’s fake. Luckily, I slept on it, having showered post-horse, and had enough for it to dry before I retired for sleepytime.

Next morning, the sheets were free of skidmarks, but I did get some water on my arms from washing up, and things went a tad streaky. I’d say this needs the full monty, in order to stop it developing. Maybe? I’m not sure now that I should have gone to sleep with this on? Ah, sure, it’s grand. It looks like I’ve been on a cruise in the Aegean. It’s the kind of brown that I struggled to achieve in high school. This is my inner teenager’s dream tan.

It’s grander still, with the application of Pixy Glowing Body Butter {€12.99}. The tin, she is small, at just 100gs, but the glow, she is large. I wouldn’t expect to use this all over the bod, perhaps only on highlight points like arms and legs and collarbones, so that’s no big. It smells gorge, too.

And, finally, may I present the ESSIE MORE MERRIERWorld Famous Supermodel Thumbnail™, proudly displaying one of essie’s new summer nail varnish colours, the more the merrier {€9.99}. Oh, yeah! And this is after a few hours spent in horseriding gloves, and with no top coat to speak of. Impressive!

And, honestly, that really is the colour of the arm, maybe even a little darker. Photoshop and I decided that there was to be no fakery because it looked true, even for an iPhoto.

Well, that’s me, bronzed for the duration. At least as long as the sun is shining…


Xen-Tan is available at Debenhams, and/or on


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