Beach Hair in a Can: Wella Professionals Create Character

WELLA curls 0I went through a phase many years ago, in which I was pushing the natural waves of my hair into curls.

When I say ‘natural waves’, I mean ‘neither here nor there hair’. It wasn’t going to go all springy all on its own. If left to its own devices, it would sort of half-heartedly swoop itself in the mid-lengths, and then go straight at the ends. The roots? Don’t even talk to me about the roots. They did nothing.

I would routinely haunt the aisles in chemist’s shops, looking for the magical substance that was going to give me:
A} If not curls curls, then at least loads of waves.
B} Plenty of body.
C} Softness.

That last was huge in my book of wavy, because just about every product I tried resulted in a very cripsy, crunchy texture. Did not like. They looked good, but felt awful.

I had a serious flirtation with Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream: I got softness, and oh! the gorgeous scent, but I found that it dulled down my blondeness. Uh, thanks, but: no. Every now and again I give it go, but am always very distressed by the colour-stress to the tresses.

Yesterday, giddy with vitamin D, I thought I’d give this a try. Wella Professional’s create character | dry seems to be sending mixed messages: it says it’s dry on the tin, but the directions recommend that you spray it on damp hair. Maybe it goes both ways. Which can only be a good thing, really.

I admit to having unrealistic expectations when it comes to haircare. When my hair didn’t immediately spring into waves and curls straight out of a Burne-Jones painting, I was disappointed. Hmmph. I sprayed on some more, and was at least gratified to see some shine. That made a nice change already.

I twisted The Hair up into its usual knot, pre-bedtime, and wondered what the morning would bring.


WELLA curls 1

Pure surfer-gurrrrl, been-at-the-beach-all-day-and-all-night waves!WELLA CURLS 4

Verdict: loads of body, if a bit dull as regards shine. It doesn’t feel as soft as I’d prefer, but hmmm, oh look, I’ve got this to hand, too. I’ve been using Wella Professionals SP Luxe Light Oil Spray to fairly good effect in conjunction with the BaByLiss Big Hair {see here}. I had also taken delivery of the Luxe Oil version of this new formulation — no sticky, slippery residence on the hands, or the hair — but I feckin’ lost it. In my tiny flat. Lost it. I even asked St Anthony — no joy.

Anyway, gave The Wavy Hair a spritz, and it helped the very slight crispiness loads. I was tempted to twist it back up into that knot, the knot from which extra-super-waviness emerges, but I resisted. Sure, I’m only going horseriding tonight, the beasties don’t care about The Hair.

Since we have summer this week, though, I think this will be my project. How many days can I get out of one round of this process? Will the use of these products be enough to get a girl through a weekend music festival down the country? Will it?!?!

WELLA curls 2



Wella Professionals create character|dry is €10.50; SP Luxe Light Oil spray is €23.


‘Phase’, not ‘faze’. Pet peeve!


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