Dude Week Q&A: Jules Heptonstall of St Tropez Tan

Jules head shotJules Heptonstall started his career in fashion, but knew all along that beauty was his true calling. ‘I really believe in beauty products and services,’ he says, ‘and love the “feel good factor” they give to the user.’

He’s been with powerhouse tan brand St Tropez for six years, and using the product is one of the perks of the gig. ‘I have the kind of skin that just needs a tan,’ he explains. ‘Without it I look totally grey!’

I tend to tan when the sun shines, but now that it’s disappeared again and I am sad, I feel like I will keep up the bronzing to make me feel better. Jules loves a good tan because it makes us look better, too. ‘I was drawn to specialising in tan and skin finishing because I like how it draws everything together, from hair, make up and fashion, to create the perfect canvas for all the other elements to work on. It’s that touch that really makes a difference.’

Are you tan averse? Never had a spray? Jules will calm your fears, and shares some tips and tricks!

Okay: I have just landed from Venus, a planet which does not have spray tanning facilities. What is so great about this beauty technique?
Haha — welcome! Spray tanning is a quick treatment that gives the skin that just-back-from-holiday glow. It disguises signs of fatigue and can even make the body look slimmer and more toned — what is not to love?!

Seriously, though: I think that there are many (many) people who would benefit from a good spray, if only to show them what not to do when self-tanning at home. What’s the best thing about getting a salon tan?
A salon treatment is great for those who are nervous about tanning results. Don’t get scared about getting naked in front of your aesthetician — chances are they’ve seen it all. Like a nurse, nothing will shock them. I’ve bumped into some of my clients on nights out and I don’t recognise them with clothes on — its something a tanning expert gets used to very quickly!

Prior to your treatment your tanning expert should moisturise your hands, elbows, knees and feet as these are the areas of the body where the tan tends to cling to. Usually you will receive two coats of St. Tropez Self Tan Mist from top to toe, and afterwards your nails and palms will be wiped to remove excess colour.

A tan should be dry within five minutes and you can put on loose dark clothes after. You will need to allow the tan to develop for eight to twelve hours and you should have colour for five to seven days.

I find that I am not so great at maintaining my tan. How can I get the most out of my self-tan?
So many clients believe that once you’ve tanned, there is nothing else more you need to do. To get the most from your tan, and to keep it topped up for longer, I recommend using St. Tropez Tan Optimiser Moisturiser. This aloe vera rich moisturiser has been formulated to work with Self Tanned skin and is clinically proven to keep your tan going for up to three days longer.

I also find that I don’t have much patience for gradual tanning, but feel like I would like to change that this year. How long should it take St Tropez Gradual Tan  plus anti Aging Face 50mls €24.99to develop, in general? Do all gradual tans work for all bodies? Is it good to build one up as a base for a professional spray tan, or is that a big no-no?
With gradual tan, it’s great to keep your options open, as the product is extremely versatile. The more consecutive days you apply, the darker you will go. Our gradual tanners work on all skin tones — we have two shades, Light/Medium and Medium/Dark. It’s not a big no-no with a spray tan, but I would only apply it once or twice after a tan.

How do you see the world of spray tan evolving? For example, most products have improved so much in the scent department — in what other ways do you think the industry is trying to moving the process forward?
There are so many innovations happening in tanning: we’ve recently just launched our Gradual Tan Plus range, formulated with firming and anti-ageing benefits, giving a four-products-in-one approach to tanning.

We’ve also formulated our new sensitive range, one that has no guide colour, that naturally develops over 8 hours to deliver a tan. There’s no colour left on your clothes or sheets, and the product is formulated with a melanin activating ingredient so that your skin reacts with the tan to deliver the most natural looking tone possible. Tanning is only moving in giant leaps forward now!


I’m going to get stuck into the Gradual Tan Anti-Ageing; its RRP is €24.99.


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