Nimue Skin Technology Sun-C: Not a Freckle in Sight

nimue pactsWhen I review SPFs, I am generally focusing on texture, absorption, and what does it smell like. I always assume that SPF works, but thanks to the recent meteorological vibe, now I know that some work better than others.

Case in point: Nimue Skin Technology Sun-C SPF 40. It’s UVA/UVB {is there a UVC, yet?}, has antioxidants, but mainly:

1} Applied as near to a proper moisturiser as I have tested. It’s thick, sure, but the kind of thick that feels like texture, not gunk.
2} No scent, hallelujah.
3} Dries a tiny bit tacky, which I suppose we’ve come to expect from a sunscreen, but again: far less tacky than that majority on the market.
4} Totally worked.

I’ve been feeling rather list-y lately. 4 is obvs the most important thing, and my no-fail environmental laboratory is, of course, horseriding. What a day was Saturday! The sun was only breaking the stones! It was roasting! We rode for an hour, sweating and all, and then I hosed down my trusty steed, and took him for an amble so he could cool down and dry off. I was about 2 hours exposed to direct sunlight.

After I got home, and cooled down and dried off myself, I noticed that
A} I had sprouted nary a freckle — not a single one, which is unbelievable, given that if I even think ‘sunshine’, my face erupts.
B} I had no colour at all, which is… well, good for the health of my skin. Ah sure, that’s what fake tan is for…


RRP is €22 for 60mls


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