ATTENTION Royal Baby Enthusiasts! Thomas Sabo Commemorative Charm

Thomas-SaboI may have scoffed at the all the mugs and plates that accompanied the British Royal Wedding, but I am allll about the babby — which I think is a girl, and in whose name I predict that Anne will figure largely — and looooooook at the cutest iddle charm in da worrrrrrld!

You may remember the potentially traumatic loss of my beloved Thomas Sabo charm bracelet, a saga which had a happy ending, and as such, know of my love for the charms of Mr S. I also found myself, yesterday, googling royal baby is it born yet?, which is not at all creppy, nope, not one bit.

We have had an arrival, at least in the form of this adorbz wee charm. And it is wee, so if you’ve got some crazy shame around being excited about this, you can be subtle in the demonstration on your interest.

Will the actual baby be as cute as this?!?! One expects so…


€44; where all Thomas Sabo charms are sold.


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