Snap! Judgement: Pixy Soothing Body Balm

First thought: This is only small.

Second thought: Smells nice, though.

Third thought, as applying to skin: Ohhhhhhhhhhh — !

PIXY SOOTHING BODY BALMI like me a balm, but find that on the bod, they can be a bit greasy. This has all the qualities of a balm, and finishes with a glow, but it doesn’t feel at all slimy. Its mousse-y texture feels very, very gentle, and you absolutely don’t need all that much to get excellent coverage.

I feel itchy all over just thinking about wintertime: this is a combination of both cocoa and shea butter, which just sounds like a total itch-buster. It’s also got calendula, ylang ylang and lavender oil in there, which contributes to its balm-y qualities, and its lovely fragrance.

I am sold on this little tin of goodness, and am sure it is a future candidate for an I Used It All Up post…


€12.99; free delivery in Ireland for orders over €10!


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