New and Spectacularly Improved: Colorsport Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit

In between HD Brow sessions at Carter Beauty, Blackrock, I daren’t try to tweeze because I am useless at it, but I do find that a dye job goes some way to keeping the look going without too much drawing-on-the-brows error. I hadn’t been terribly impressed by Colorsport the the first time I tried it; I gave another brand a go, which shall remains nameless {okay, not: 1000Hour} and disliked it mightily. It didn’t mix up well at all, and I ended up sacrificing a lip brush to use as an applicator.

I was on the hunt for yet another brand to try, but there is a dearth of brow dyeing kits in Ireland — dare I say, the world? Googling comes up with nothing. SIGH. I found myself, as I often do, in Boots and thought I’d trust the packaging — IMPROVED & FASTER FORMULA — and give their Dark Brown dye another chance.

Glad I did! Look:

Thank you, genius, who thought that an actual mascara wand would be a good idea. Seriously! This makes it fairly foolproof — a designation I almost proved false, as I was going to take out the paper things and start mixing up the stuff for the bottle with the stuff from the tube in that little well, until it occurred that perhaps the instructions might best be consulted…

Right. Those papers are for when one dyes one’s lashes. Otherwise, this now could not be simpler, and less messy: apply the Eyelash Colour Solution directly to the brows with a cotton bud {or pad, if you’re me}; then, squeeze some of the Eyelash Contour Gel onto the wand, and brush it on. My first squeeze was, er, robust, and I got enough for a brow and a half, so easy does it.

One thing that is unclear is how long you are meant to keep it on, and how you are meant to remove it. Not great to be desperately scanning the directions when you’ve got this stuff working away. Somewhere it said 2-3 minutes; I’ve just looked back and actually can’t find that information again. Really not great!

I decided that the time it took to take a couple of photos was long enough.


Insert Groucho Marx impression *here*

That mascara wand applicator is the biz. I coated every single hair.


Lydia, oh Lydia, oh have you met Lydia…

Just about there ^ I started getting worried that it was going to be too much…


Nope, not so much! I mean, I could have groomed them before I went deliriously snapping away, but honestly, that’s exactly what I was looking for.

So, no messy mixing up of the two potions, and this dye job happened in 1/5th the time it took in the unimproved and slower version. Sold!

! I did it AGAIN: ‘before’ pictures might have come in useful! Argh!


€8.50; also comes in black.


19 thoughts on “New and Spectacularly Improved: Colorsport Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit

  1. I find the new colorsport awful. Don’t know how long to leave on no 1 or no 2 & the gel forms blobs on the brush and drops off. I don’t feel in control of the depth of colour. The only good thing about the updated version is the brush instead of wand. I hate it so much I am throwing it away. & looking for alternative.

  2. I agree. I’ve been using this for years and consider myself a pro at self application. I got this new and “improved” formula recently and its really dissapointing. I applied it as per instructions but the colour after rinsing was hardly noticable. I then reverted back to my old reliable mixing both formulas method but had tbe same result – the colour fades as soon as I’ve washed my face! Terrible terrible. I’ll be switching now. Glodbye old friend :-(

  3. I’ve used colorsport eyelash dye for years and loved the results.The new formula however is really dissapointing .the instructions are very unclear the liquid solution 1 runs straight into your eyes and the results are rubbish. If it’s not broke don’t fix it !!!

  4. Yup agree with all the others. I have used this product for years, but detest the new formula. Lack of control, stings, rotten results. Will now be sticking with Eyelure Dyebrow, which is like the old formula and does a million times better job.

  5. Completely disagree with all of your comments. The old formula was messy and tricky to get the right ratios each time, took ages to develop on blonde hairs and stung my eyes. LOVE the new improved Colosport it’s quick and the results (if you follow the instructions…!) are brilliant. Great value too!

  6. The new 30 day mascara is terrible shall not buy it again, I have used the old one for years and been really pleased but the new one is a disaster.

  7. Follow the instructions absolutely precisely, and you will find that….it is still totally useless..!

    So what’s your secret Katie Smith????

  8. The new formula sucks goes straight into eyes. I can’t do it with my eyes squeezed shut. Thanks for nothing colorsport!

  9. Agree with most of the above – if it aint broke don’t fix it, had several attempts but couldn’t get my eyebrows to come out the same depth of colour as the wand & gel are hard to control. Why did they do this!

  10. So glad to find its not just me, an excellent product ruined! Very runny and messy, poked mysef painfully in the eye, and the whole lot came right off when I wiped it! I am sending it back to them, since I wouldn’t bother using it again. Also, nothing on the pack to warn you it’s changed!

  11. Awful! Bring back the old formula please was happy with that for years. The new one a waste of time and money. Messy and doesn’t work. Why change it?

  12. Totally agree – I used the old formula for years and although need to be careful got much better colour & coverage – will be looking for another brand!

  13. Have tried it twice – like the others above I was a whizz at the old formula. Doubled the length of time for the first application, as recommended on the instructions. Still completely useless. Might as well have not bothered applying it. Have just ordered another different one. Problem apparently is the EU banning hydrogen peroxide!

  14. Hate the new formula colour sport , have bought this product for years it was brilliant. New one does not work, followed instructions properly. Am going to ask for refund tomorrow and will switch to allure

  15. Absolutely agree with all adverse comments. Have used the old 30 day mascara for years. I will be throwing the box and it’s contents In the bin! I just hope that I can stock up on the old formula while it is still available. What were they thinking of.!

    • Agree totally with all the above – have used the old product for as many years as I can remember but new formula us a complete waste of space and time!

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