No Way This Is Enough: Product In America

I just came across this list, which I made in an iNote, which really ought to be on my frickin’ iPhone, but that app routinely decides, off its own bat, to migrate information to a folder in my email account, which I did not even set up? Evidence that The Machines are slowly but surely starting to think for themselves.

This is a list of things that I left at my mum’s, in an effort to pack less the next time I visited:
>Some cotton pads (CVS)
>Cleanance lotion
>Lush dry shampoo
>Cocoa butter gel
>Smashbox photo finish primer
>Kerastase Sensidote Dermo Calm
>Vichy foundation
>Cien deodorant
>Avène Eluage cream and eye cream
>Clinique sparkle skin (small)
>Awapuhi hair gel
>Hair elastics
>Black eyeliner
>Benefit Girl meets pearl (not much)
>Benefit Erase paste
>Gel tabs
>Eye pencil sharpener

What is this even? I can’t — really? Gel tabs… of what, exactly? Unicorn tears? Did I leave an entire bottle of Cleanance lotion behind? Could I be any less specific re: Kerastase Sensidote Dermo Calm? Whew: don’t have to pack an eyepencil sharpener!

I had thought to take photos but they seem to have disappeared as well.

Understand that I am at that stage in the packing process in which the bag feels heavy, so I take out a pair of tights and lace top. Because that’s the tipping point right there. I hatttttte this part. And I am sure that the bag is too heavy to pass, but it always passes, and if worse comes to worse, then I’ll take the long coat out of the bag, which in fairness I should probably be wearing but I hate rattling around the airport in excessive outerwear…


I’ll post a photos of all of the above, and all of the stuff I am bringing in spite of all of the above, and we’ll all have a good laugh/sigh.


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