OMChristmas: A Variety of Beautyfull Things

Love, love, love this BUTLER’S CHOCOLATE Tree Ornament {€7.95} is fun, functional and delicious. Well, the stuff inside is; don’t eat the actual bauble. Like I have to say it, but you never know. Should figure in your decorative oeuvre for years to come.


Mini Mani Month 2013-1
This is an advent-ish calender that works all year round: CIATÉ Mini Mani Month {£42} comes with enough nail polish to please even your fussiest manicure enthusiast. There’s 19 5ml varnishes, 1 large size paint pot, 2 bottles of Caviar Pearls, and 2 samples of glitter/sequins… which equals 24? Whevs: it is super cute, even if it can’t add.


Aoife Harrison - Ivory Lace Hairband with Silk Flower - High
AOIFE HARRISON is an Irish milliner whose gorgeous headpieces are like confectionery for your noggin. Above is the Ivory Lace Hairband with Silk Flower, embroidered and studded with pearls — it is simply stunning! Prices range from €199 to €399; her work is stocked exclusively at the Design Centre, or go online at A bridal heirloom in the making!


Neroli Candle
Oh, YON KA PARIS, with your Neroli Orange Blossom Serenity Massage Oil Candle {€45}, are you trying to kill me? This is so pretty and smart: the little spout on the candle container is pure genius. No messing about with scooping warmed wax: just light, blow out the flame, and pour! Happy holidays, indeed.


DUBARRY Rugby Hip Flask in Walnut {€50} is perfect for the dudes, but why be sexist when you don’t have to? I would welcome this with open pocket.

That’s me done with gift guides for another festive season. Happy Christmas!


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