Lucky Thirteen of 2013: Cheekiest Q in a Q&A


Magnet! Oh!

Also: this was one of the top traffic-generating posts of the year as well. This B&B! Q&A with the creator of the LadyCare Magnet made a change from my usual run of querying, and apparently Derek thought Q#2 was pretty funny.

Not funny: hot flashes! Night sweats! This little genius knocks ’em right out. Can’t recommend it more highly.

I used magnets to great effect when treated The Horseriding Injury, the story of which I am sure is linked in the above link. I tend to forget to keep using them, even though I should, as the the tendons continue perilously easy to induce enflarement upon. <Wow, what? In the same way, I suppose I should wear this all the time, but I don’t think I need it everyday. When I feel the surges about to descend again I just slap in on my undies — and trust me young wans, this shit is unmistakable, even as, like me, you won’t have experienced it before. It’s all ahead of you! Bwahahahahaha!


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