Mystery Lippy: What Could This Be???

DA LIPS?Those are some sleepy eyes: snapped this on my way into my part-time desgin gig, at the crack of dawn {8.30am} and cannot for the life of me remember what that lipstick is. Which is a shame because it’s lovely.

I am guessing it is Rimmel’s Apocalips in Apocaliptic, because that is my go-to, lightly textured, but richly pigmented hero lip colour of 2013 {thus far.} Or it may be Galaxy? I just checked here, and I think this may be the latter…

Or! It could be Passionate, from Lush’s Emotional Brilliance line, because I like that one too, when I’m feeling gobby, in the best possible sense. Actually, just checked this, and now I think I’m wrong about this, too.

Damn. Off to rummage through the archives and see can I dig this up…


Pucker Up, Peeps! International Kissing Day and LUSH

I am only back from a weekend{ish} away — has everyone posted about this already?

Well, shoot, I’m going ahead anyway. Mainly because I have posted about the Emotional Brilliance range from LUSH since its inception, and indeed, have worn the very colour that I received in the post.

LUSH KISSING DAYInternational Kissing Day! Lock up your bros! I love kissing, and oddly, I loved the Guinness Book of World Records when I was a chiseler, so the confluence of these two things makes me happy.

Sure, you can read all the info on the postcard. There’s a hashtag — #crueltyfreekisses — and in order for Lush to beat the standing record of 22,174 lipstick kisses, you’ll have to head to your nearest emporium to participate.

You’ll not only get to front for the banishment of the use of animals in cosmetics testing, you’ll get to play with some of the brand’s fun lip stuff. The Mint Julips Lip Scrub smells like ice cream, and I’ve been meaning to post about the newly-aerated Lip Balms — they are the business. Pictured here is Lip Service, of which I am an ardent fan. All this prep will do wonders for yer kisser, and frankly, while I’ve delighted in the long-lasting quality, and rich hues, of the Liquid Lipstick, I do find them to be somewhat drying.

Here’s a photograph of the lippy, in the wild, from last year {and a follow-up post about its staying power is here.}

Do thisssss.


See for a shop nearest you — although I’m not sure that helps us much, on this island? Where’s the, yo?

The shop over by Trinity can be rung on 01 677 0392.


Confident Liquid Lipstick from LUSH: How’d it Do?

In contrast to the other Lush Liquid Lipsticks I have reviewed, this onewas not as drying. Behold: Confident

It was rather more… liquidy, which made it a little more difficult to apply. It was like a weak gloss with super high pigment. Kind of weird, but in the end, it looked well.

I must say that whilst I felt confident in its form, I wasn’t quite as to its function. This is a going-out-to-meetings-in-which-I-will-decline-the-cup-of-tea lipstick. The sort I’ll wear when I’m moving around town and not alighting in one place for long.

This is hummingbird lippy.*


Lush Liquid Lipstick is part of the Emotional Brilliance line. Go to and play the cool interactive game!

*Er. Wha’????

The Red Lipstick: No-Fail Glamour

It’s a paradox, the auld red lippy: the rest of your face can be very low maintenance, but the the lip itself? Needy, needy, needy!

Maybe it’s just me, but all I think about when I am wearing red lipstick is the red lipstick. Is it still opaque? Has it started bleeding around the edges? Do I need to touch it up? Do I need to wipe it off and start all over?

{Yeesh, hope it’s not just me, that sound totally craaaaay.}

Below, a combination of Lush Liquid Lipstick in Decisive and Maybelline SuperStay 10H Tint Gloss in Endless Ruby.

Why the two, you ask? Well. The love I bear for Decisive, it can’t be expressed, except that it dries too dry, if you know what I mean? And as regards the touching-up issues, the bottle is grand for when you nip into the loo, but if you’re at an event and you’ve just munched on a few canapés, and you want to do surreptitious repair? Not great.

That’s one way in which the Maybelline helps. That funky applicator ensures great coverage, and since you’ve defined the lips properly with the Lush, you don’t have to worry about the edges so much.

Plus, the gloss is a real lift, as the Lush is a somewhat matte. Sure, if matte’s your thing, you will be in No-Gloss Nirvana, but me, I like a little bitta shine, in general.

Very little else on the face: foundation, illuminating powder, looks like maybe some blush {which comes and goes as I remember to bother to put some on}, mascara. My HD Brows, via Carter Beauty help loads as well.

These are not the only reds I’ve got on tap — oh, no. Don’t be ridic. I’m on a red lippy roll at the moment, and I’ll be back with more. Because some are more orange, some are more blue, some are matte like the Lush, some are sheer, like the Giorgio Armani I’m going to take to the theatre tonight… If you can bear the fuss, The Red Lipstick really is a glamour guarantee.

Lush: €17.95/£14.50/$22.95
Maybelline: €11.49/£6.99/$8.99

Inexplicable Marilyn Moments: Or Are They?

I was going through some bits and pieces I had torn out of magazines, fodder for future collages and vision boards, and there was Marilyn, big as life.

I would not be a … I was going to say huge fan, and I wouldn’t be, but I think by that I also mean an obsessed fan of her persona. You know, because I don’t get ever get obsessed about anything. Ha, ha.

Or by that I think I may mean that I absolutely recognise that she was talented — and funny! — but I don’t know that she was any more tragic than many women walking around out there, living lives that are markedly less glamorous, sure, but with their own brand of pressures.

But, lordee, that woman could rock the red lipstick. Continue reading

How Did It Do? Passionate from Lush Emotional Brilliance

This photo was taken about two hours after application.

Well, it’s true. You’re just going to have to take my word for it.

That is pretty incredible pigment, isn’t it?

I will say, that as with most matte finish lip colour, the gob felt dry. I hadn’t even blotted the initial application, so I did that — two hours later — and then added a touch of lip balm.

It lasted about another hour, until which time I had had a sandwich. This couldn’t withstand a sandwich. But! I bet if you had a salad and ate it reallllly carefully, this would not budge.

I am very keen to collect a few of these colours…


Passionate Liquid Lipstick from Lush: Emotional Brilliance, €17.95

Lush Emotional Brilliance: Change Your Face, Change Your Attitude

Last night, I was applying some of Lush’s gorgeous Celestial: Heavenly Moisturiser for Sensitive Skin — not that my skin is all that sensitive, but this cream is so soothing and gorgeous, it feels really dreamy, which is perfect for entering the dreamtime… anyway, I was doing that, and thinking to myself, I haven’t blogged about Lush in a while

This morning, I got a Lush delivery in the post!

I must be psychic or something.

Well known for their skin care and bath ballistics, Lush are venturing into the realm of cosmetics with a typically holistic approach. Emotional Brilliance uses colour therapy and behavioural therapy to allow users to enhance not only their faces, but their moods and attitudes.

So: you look at the wheel and respond to the first three colours that jump out at you. There are words that correspond with the colours — like Passionate, Sophisticated, Fantasy — and these words will be significant for you at the time of choosing. Then! In using the colours, you fulfill a need or amplify a specific talent or quality that you have, but may have been neglecting.

I think it is dead cool, and I totally believe it. For example: I’ve started wearing less black-coloured clothes in favour or more colourful ones, and I can really see a difference in the way that people respond to me. It’s a chakra thing, into which I will go into further depth when I start talkin’ ’bout my Reiki practice {soon!}

Lush’s new line features lip colours, eyeliners and eyeshadows. The variety of shades on offer point to timelessness: this is less trend-driven, and more about the sorts of tones and hues that will never do you wrong.

Here is a picture of  Passionate lip colour:

The packaging is a departure for Lush, who usually try to not have any packaging at all. Everything about the containers is recyclable, and even reusable. I’m not sure if you can go back and get refills, that sounds unlikely and unwieldy.

Here it is, applied:

It felt a bit grainy to start, but then I reckoned it was more likely that my lips needed a good exfoliating. I’ve been sporting it for the last 40 minutes or so, and it feels super light.

There’s something alchemical about the whole shebang: the bottles, the colour theory. It’s fun!

I received several samples, including one of Fantasy Eyeliner and Sophisticated Cream Eyeshadow. All of these retail for €17.95 each. There’s a supplementary line of powder, skin tints, and Eyes Right Mascara, which is shown at left. Hmmm. That makes me nervous for no good reason… Mascara in a bottle? The applicator is a traditional brush, which gave me comfort. I think I was expecting a brush, like something olde-timey? I dunno, whatever, we’ll see.

The line launches on 21 July, and there are thirteen lip colours, two no-smudge eyeliners, eleven smudgeable ones, and six eye creams.

I can never get a good photo of colour swatches, but I’ve just stroked some of the eyeliner and some of the cream eyeshadow on my hand, and the pigment is exxxxtreme. Cannot wait to play with this stuff!