Mystery Lippy: What Could This Be???

DA LIPS?Those are some sleepy eyes: snapped this on my way into my part-time desgin gig, at the crack of dawn {8.30am} and cannot for the life of me remember what that lipstick is. Which is a shame because it’s lovely.

I am guessing it is Rimmel’s Apocalips in Apocaliptic, because that is my go-to, lightly textured, but richly pigmented hero lip colour of 2013 {thus far.} Or it may be Galaxy? I just checked here, and I think this may be the latter…

Or! It could be Passionate, from Lush’s Emotional Brilliance line, because I like that one too, when I’m feeling gobby, in the best possible sense. Actually, just checked this, and now I think I’m wrong about this, too.

Damn. Off to rummage through the archives and see can I dig this up…


Pucker Up, Peeps! International Kissing Day and LUSH

I am only back from a weekend{ish} away — has everyone posted about this already?

Well, shoot, I’m going ahead anyway. Mainly because I have posted about the Emotional Brilliance range from LUSH since its inception, and indeed, have worn the very colour that I received in the post.

LUSH KISSING DAYInternational Kissing Day! Lock up your bros! I love kissing, and oddly, I loved the Guinness Book of World Records when I was a chiseler, so the confluence of these two things makes me happy.

Sure, you can read all the info on the postcard. There’s a hashtag — #crueltyfreekisses — and in order for Lush to beat the standing record of 22,174 lipstick kisses, you’ll have to head to your nearest emporium to participate.

You’ll not only get to front for the banishment of the use of animals in cosmetics testing, you’ll get to play with some of the brand’s fun lip stuff. The Mint Julips Lip Scrub smells like ice cream, and I’ve been meaning to post about the newly-aerated Lip Balms — they are the business. Pictured here is Lip Service, of which I am an ardent fan. All this prep will do wonders for yer kisser, and frankly, while I’ve delighted in the long-lasting quality, and rich hues, of the Liquid Lipstick, I do find them to be somewhat drying.

Here’s a photograph of the lippy, in the wild, from last year {and a follow-up post about its staying power is here.}

Do thisssss.


See for a shop nearest you — although I’m not sure that helps us much, on this island? Where’s the, yo?

The shop over by Trinity can be rung on 01 677 0392.


Face of the Day: *Not* Photographed on the 46A

FOTD 23 01 2013Hmmm: I always seem to do this on days that I am wearing Hourglass Cosmetics Veil Fluid Makeup SPF 15 in  Sand, along with the Mineral Veil Primer. Well, that tells you all you need to know, I reckon. I always feel like I need to show off my face when I am wearing that primer/foundation combo.

Like the blush? It’s IsaDora Glow Stick in Rose Bud, a tiny wee cream-blush-in-a-twist-up-tube that I am {is}adoring at the moment. It is very soft, and applied on the apple of the cheek, it makes you look like a Victorian Valentine. as

As if my cheeks weren’t entirely apples!

Brows are my usual HD Brows, for which Carter Beauty can take credit. I have defined them with my favvvvourite new brow thing, Smashbox Brow Tech To Go. Google it now, ladiez, it is so good: it comes with a brush-in-gel to set them up, and then an angled pencil to fill ’em in. Proper review to come — hey, haven’t done a Haiku Review in yonks. There’s a plan!

Eyelashes are via VenusLash by Venus Medical. Oh, there will be updates there.

A bit of Clinique eyeshadow, the fabbalis Black Honey, which never, ever goes wrong.

Lips = a combo of Lush Liquid Lipstick in Confidence, with some Clinique Chubby in Chunkiest Chilli on top. This solves two problems I have, one with each: the Lush is too dry, and the Clinique doesn’t have the staying power I’ll ned today. Together, they are perfect.

Okay! Ready to face the day with the #FOTD!


Confident Liquid Lipstick from LUSH: How’d it Do?

In contrast to the other Lush Liquid Lipsticks I have reviewed, this onewas not as drying. Behold: Confident

It was rather more… liquidy, which made it a little more difficult to apply. It was like a weak gloss with super high pigment. Kind of weird, but in the end, it looked well.

I must say that whilst I felt confident in its form, I wasn’t quite as to its function. This is a going-out-to-meetings-in-which-I-will-decline-the-cup-of-tea lipstick. The sort I’ll wear when I’m moving around town and not alighting in one place for long.

This is hummingbird lippy.*


Lush Liquid Lipstick is part of the Emotional Brilliance line. Go to and play the cool interactive game!

*Er. Wha’????

Yesterday’s Face: What it Was

Yesterday’s make up — which, like yesterday, is gone! Take off your make up, women, for the love of God! — and as ever, will be keeping my day job. I am very sloppy about the picture-taking.

From left:

> No. 7 High Shine in Pink Veil
> Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Rose
> That Karaja Waterproof Eye Pencil that I am wearing down to the nub.
> Bourjois Paris Smoky Eyes in Rose Vintage
> Clarins Instant Definition Mascara in Intense Plum
> Bourjois Paris Flower Perfection Translucent Smoothing Primer
> Stila Set & illuminate Baked Powder Trio
> L’Oréal Paris Nude Magique BB Cream in Fair Skin Tone
> Also L’Oréal Paris, the LumiMagique highlighting pen
> Yves Saint Laurent Dare to Glow No 2 in Fatal Red
> My beloved brow duo, the AVON Glimmerstick Brow Definer in Dark Brown, and BeneFit Speed Brow

I am very much loving the Hourglass lippy: it really does last, and I counteract the dry-feelingness with a top coat of gloss — ooh, and the No 7 is super shiny! I am also very impressed with the Bourjois eye palette, less so with the primer, as it is such a small container, I don’t imagine I’ll get many faces out of it, if you know what I mean. The YSL illuminator was a little rosier than I wanted to go, but if you are feeling that pale-and-interesting is not working for you, this will warm you right up.

Stila! Completely into the this illuminator, but keep forgetting I want to use it, so I am all dressed, and the danger of illuminating my frontage is, I am afraid, about 200% guaranteed.

I would not normally be interested in a non-black mascara either, but I find myself reaching for the Clarins Plum these last few days.

The whole look is soft:

Brows and lips, betches. It is all about them.

I’ll deffo do this again. Ah, yesterday!


The Red Lipstick: No-Fail Glamour

It’s a paradox, the auld red lippy: the rest of your face can be very low maintenance, but the the lip itself? Needy, needy, needy!

Maybe it’s just me, but all I think about when I am wearing red lipstick is the red lipstick. Is it still opaque? Has it started bleeding around the edges? Do I need to touch it up? Do I need to wipe it off and start all over?

{Yeesh, hope it’s not just me, that sound totally craaaaay.}

Below, a combination of Lush Liquid Lipstick in Decisive and Maybelline SuperStay 10H Tint Gloss in Endless Ruby.

Why the two, you ask? Well. The love I bear for Decisive, it can’t be expressed, except that it dries too dry, if you know what I mean? And as regards the touching-up issues, the bottle is grand for when you nip into the loo, but if you’re at an event and you’ve just munched on a few canapés, and you want to do surreptitious repair? Not great.

That’s one way in which the Maybelline helps. That funky applicator ensures great coverage, and since you’ve defined the lips properly with the Lush, you don’t have to worry about the edges so much.

Plus, the gloss is a real lift, as the Lush is a somewhat matte. Sure, if matte’s your thing, you will be in No-Gloss Nirvana, but me, I like a little bitta shine, in general.

Very little else on the face: foundation, illuminating powder, looks like maybe some blush {which comes and goes as I remember to bother to put some on}, mascara. My HD Brows, via Carter Beauty help loads as well.

These are not the only reds I’ve got on tap — oh, no. Don’t be ridic. I’m on a red lippy roll at the moment, and I’ll be back with more. Because some are more orange, some are more blue, some are matte like the Lush, some are sheer, like the Giorgio Armani I’m going to take to the theatre tonight… If you can bear the fuss, The Red Lipstick really is a glamour guarantee.

Lush: €17.95/£14.50/$22.95
Maybelline: €11.49/£6.99/$8.99

New Fixation: Lush Liquid Lipstick Update

As planned, I wore some Lush Liquid Lipstick out to dins last night.

Drinking: okay with a straw. {Made even okay-er because they were mojitos at Green Nineteen.}
Eating: um, no.

In fairness, any lippy is going to get all over everything. With red, though, and with the way that Decisive is so RED, you have to wipe the whole lot off entirely. Which wrecks your look. Which, so: what’s the point of wearing it at all?

And then, you have to hop up and run to the loo to reapply. You can’t reapply at the table because — well, I do top up gloss at the table, or even a light colour, but this red is too bold to re-do in company. It would just be wrong. Also, red is so fiddly, and everybody would be watching you do it, and there’s always the same spot that I mess up, the right side of my upper lip, and oh! the pressure!

Moral of this story: don’t wear red lippy to dinner.

How’s that for decisive?*


Unless you are getting an entree that you eat in little bits with a fork. I got the burger, which was delicious, but worst choice ever as regards interfacing* with the lippy.



New Fixation: Finding The Perfect Lipstick for Autumn 2012

Subcategory: the perfect red lipstick. I’ve already begun this investigation, here, and sub-sub category is a fixation on the Liquid Lipsticks from Lush’s Emotional Brilliance collection.

This is Power.

Excellent, and slightly freaky photo!

I am generally not a fan of orange-based reds, as they don’t suit me, but this one? I find it a little confusing. It is orange-y, and even has a gold shimmer, but it is not entirely orange? I didn’t fiddle with this in Pshop, so what you ‘see’ is what you ‘get’ {inverted commas = the vagaries of the calibration of everyone’s individual monitors, much less mobiles.} It has a touch of blue in there somewhere, it must.

The Pros v Cons:

Con I’m still not entirely reconciled to the dryness this leaves behind. I’ve tried it both ways — with lip balm on first, as a base, and with it as a top coat, for lack of a better term — and the latter is better. A bit of a blot on a tissue + a touch of balm sets you up nicely for several hours.

Pro Several hours could = forever, if you don’t eat or drink anything. Which is a big ask, okay. Maybe drinking would be okay, if there was a straw involved.

Con The product itself is somewhat slippy, meaning, it gets all over your teeth. Which is gross. Do that supermodel thing, where you purse your lips around your finger and pull it out < OMG, I have tried writing that to be less dirty and naughty and I just can’t figure out a way! Your finger gets all the excess lipstick off your lips.

Pro I love the wee bottles. I just do.

I have a thing tonight, involving food, so I’ll really put this to the test this evening. Will let you know what happens.


Liquid Lipstick: €17.95

Inexplicable Marilyn Moments: Or Are They?

I was going through some bits and pieces I had torn out of magazines, fodder for future collages and vision boards, and there was Marilyn, big as life.

I would not be a … I was going to say huge fan, and I wouldn’t be, but I think by that I also mean an obsessed fan of her persona. You know, because I don’t get ever get obsessed about anything. Ha, ha.

Or by that I think I may mean that I absolutely recognise that she was talented — and funny! — but I don’t know that she was any more tragic than many women walking around out there, living lives that are markedly less glamorous, sure, but with their own brand of pressures.

But, lordee, that woman could rock the red lipstick. Continue reading