Haiku Review: Dry Shampoo

Greasy roots, dry ends.
Shampooing every day sucks.
What’s the solution????

Common sense would answer: dry shampoo.

I’ve only tried three, and I don’t know, I think I don’t know how to do it right.

It doesn’t matter about the brand names, because none of them work well, and it is entirely down to owner and operator malfunction. No matter what I did, I looked like a clown in a really, really low-rent circus. There were clumps of hair that got dry-shampooed more that other sections of my head, and even though I brushed and brushed, I couldn’t de-clump the clumps. It was like the stuff turned into glue or something.

I used some one horseriding day — what was I thinking? That an eligible man was going to pitch up to the yard, and I should have beautiful hair? Hair that was mostly going to be hidden by my hat? Wha’?? I puffed some on my roots, which are the greasy part, trying to avoid the ends, which are dry enough thanks, and made the usual mess. I brushed and brushed and somehow the ends got infected, and my hair looked like I’d stuck my finger in a socket. And sweat had no effect on its bushiness whatsoever. Which may be the bonus one is looking for, but I think it is freaky.

Some things I figured out for myself:

*Don’t dump it straight on the top of your head. Even though this is the spot I would say most want to fluff up, come at it through the back door and flip your head over, apply from the back, and brush forward.

*When flipping your head? Do it over the bathroom sink, not in front of the mirror in your bedroom, over your row of shoes. Unhappy ending.

Some things I learned:

*Wait 5-10 minutes before brushing. Wha’?? I may as well just jump in the shower and wash it all over again. Seriously, isn’t this supposed to be fast?

*Astonishing advice from Alphamom: use it the night before. ! Eh, that sounds like way too much advance planning for me, but having said that, I can do this the next time I want to prepare for the Mystery Man to show up at my horseriding lesson*.

Main thing I learned? That it’s not always the brand’s fault…

*Ahhahahahahahahahaha. Oh, I crack myself up.

2 thoughts on “Haiku Review: Dry Shampoo

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