How’d It Do? Maybelline SuperStay 10H Tint Gloss

O brave new world, that has such gadgets in it: here I am, taking pictures of me sporting Maybelline’s SuperStay 10H Tint Gloss, right in the middle of Deansgrange’s Public Library — which is a lovely library, very octagonal. {Those who know are laughing, I know it.}


My eyes look a little weird, like one of these yokes, but that lip gloss? I applied that well over five hours ago. I think this is pretty darned impressive. And! I ate a pretzel from Lidl, just moments ago! {Not in the library, I’m not that much of a heathen.} Look at that pigment!

I had brought this out with me last Friday night, and after the mumble-th bottle of wine, I lost track of how the gloss was doing. I vaguely remember touching up at one stage, but with all the talking and laughing and drinking and eating, that’s no less than I expected.

I woke the morning after the night before and was delighted to see that the tint had made it through the wee hours; it had softened down to to a lovely light rose. In fairness, I got maybe a half a night’s sleep, but I am still impressed.

This does feel a little sticky, and it dries out the lips a tiny, tiny bit, but nowhere as near as badly as any of the previous long-wearing lippys I have tried. I liked the fruity flavour/scent, and the applicator — which I have just learned is called a ‘doe foot’ — is perfect: easy to manage, it distributes the tint gloss evenly.

This is a keeper!

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