What I Did Yesterday *or* All the Stuff I Put On Myself

I’ve been going round barefaced most of the week, and yesterday it felt like I was wearing all the make-up in the world.

I blame the mascara.

Well, it is not the mascara’s fault. In fact, the mascara is pretty spectac: Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara in Intense Black. They’ve changed the wand into one of those spiky applicators, and it seems to be twice as long as most spiky applicators. I forgot to put this on my list yesterday because I forgot I had it.

I was never a fan of the Clinique mascara, but this one has changed my mind, even though I went abso crazy and layered on a million tonnes of it. Look how fake the lashes look, though, without having to mess with glue and tweezers!

Also on view is Clarins 3-Dot Liner, with which I did an okay job. The applicator brush is kind of like it is cut into three points, and you just dot it on. The theory is that this is easier than trying to draw a perfect line. In practice? Yeah, easier, and a good result. I recommend using a hand mirror, because I didn’t, and I seem to remember the inimitable Claude Defresne, Clarins’ make up artist, saying to use one. It’s easier to bring the mirror closer to your eye, rather than the eye closer to the mirror.

Lips: NYC Smooch Proof 16H Lip Stain in Berry Long Time. Eh. There’s a difference between matte and flatte, and this was very flatte, and drying. This experience of NYC lip colour was saved by a layer of NYC Kiss Gloss in Sugar Hill Shimmer, as shown. It is very shiny — and fruity! That was fun.

Hang on, what else — OMG. The Glitter. I was like a walking glitter machine yesterday. I apologise to all the people I met, whose hands I shook, and wow, people I hugged? Sorry! The kisses on the cheeks? Mea culpa!

Because I was covvvvvvered in shiny little bits and I am sure that I spread them around like a luminescent plague.

The Eau Sublime Or from Roger & Gallet was not that bad, actually, so the hand-shakers probably got off easy. It is full of sparkle, and completely perfect for highlighting decolletage and bare shoulders. Super sexy, if not super scented. Didn’t get much of an impression off of the body cream, but that was because I mistakenly put on the Glow Getter: Face & Body Sun Powder Spray from Soap & Glory, which is going to get a post all its own, because hoo boy, what a imperfectly perfect product.

So, body aglow, and hey! here’s some stuff for my face. I dispensed a tiny bit of Uplight: Face Luminizer Gel from Make Up Forever and applied it — and almost started screaming, because holy wow, the amount of glitter that is in that stuff is like … it was like a frollick of fairies had farted on my face.

Now, seriously: a day without shimmer is a day wasted, but this was ridic. I had put on some Lancôme Flash Bronzer Face Gel and didn’t want to wash it off and start over, I was pressed for time — and feck it, I said I would wear this stuff, so wear it I would. I scraped off as much as I could and proceeded to try to dull it down with some bronzer.

I don’t think it was noticeable, but again, I do apologise to anyone that got glittered.

Here’s the line up:

It’s that last one on the right you’ve got watch out for…


Glow Getter not pictured because I am still processing its effects.

What I’m Going To Do Today

Because it is soooo interesting.

No really, I have a lot of stuff to slap on the bod and the gob, and since I am going in to town, I have an reason to get all gussied up.

Also: Going In To Town has become kind of a big deal, because I don’t really need to Go in order to forage for anything anymore, not food, not shoes, not books, so it feels a bit like a staycation.


Just this very morning, the postman brought be Eau Sublime Or and Crème Sublime Or, from Roger & Gallet. Both are shimmery!

I’ve got this stuff called Glow Getter: Face & Body Sun Powder Spray from Soap & Glory that makes me nervous, A} because I hate spraying stuff in the bath and B} powder spray? Like the stuff you spray on your smelly feet? That stuff is a mess.

What else? I got a bunch of NYC Smooch Proof 16H Lip Stain in, so I think I’ll give the Berry Long Time a lash.

I’ve got this Make Up Forever Uplight: Face Luminizer Gel that’s been sitting on my desk… I don’t know, I tried a bit on that back of my hand, as you do, and I don’t think I did it right. I may have to find a tutorial. I think if one messes this up, one looks like an eejit with crazy, shiny pink stuff all over one’s face.

Also! Very, very excited to try Clarin’s 3-Dot Liner, which the brand’s make up artist, Claude Defresne called ‘eyeliner for dummies’ in his lovely French accent. *Sigh*

I better get crackin’. You will probs be seeing me from my usually spot in the back of the 46A…

How’d It Do? Maybelline SuperStay 10H Tint Gloss

O brave new world, that has such gadgets in it: here I am, taking pictures of me sporting Maybelline’s SuperStay 10H Tint Gloss, right in the middle of Deansgrange’s Public Library — which is a lovely library, very octagonal. {Those who know are laughing, I know it.}


My eyes look a little weird, like one of these yokes, but that lip gloss? I applied that well over five hours ago. I think this is pretty darned impressive. And! I ate a pretzel from Lidl, just moments ago! {Not in the library, I’m not that much of a heathen.} Look at that pigment!

I had brought this out with me last Friday night, and after the mumble-th bottle of wine, I lost track of how the gloss was doing. I vaguely remember touching up at one stage, but with all the talking and laughing and drinking and eating, that’s no less than I expected.

I woke the morning after the night before and was delighted to see that the tint had made it through the wee hours; it had softened down to to a lovely light rose. In fairness, I got maybe a half a night’s sleep, but I am still impressed.

This does feel a little sticky, and it dries out the lips a tiny, tiny bit, but nowhere as near as badly as any of the previous long-wearing lippys I have tried. I liked the fruity flavour/scent, and the applicator — which I have just learned is called a ‘doe foot’ — is perfect: easy to manage, it distributes the tint gloss evenly.

This is a keeper!

On Trial: Maybelline SuperStay 10H Tint Gloss

Tint Gloss? This means a tint, i.e., lip stain that is also glossy.

I have long wished for a lip product that lasts without extracting every ounce of moisture from the lip.

Oh, I’ve tried them all, and all have involved the application of the colour, and then that of a moisturising top coat, which hydrates for about a second and then you’re left with a colourful, but markedly dry kisser.

They have all claimed to last through drinking, eating, and nucelar holocaust, and: no, not really. You do end up with a nasty ring of colour round your gob, and that’s the thing that lasts for days.

Maybelline aren’t claiming that their 10H Tint Gloss will survive a six-course meal and a few nights in an bomb shelter, but they are promising almost half a day of glossy long-lastingness.

I’ve got a night of eating, drinking, talking and laughing ahead of me, so we’ll give this a go. Pictured here is Lasting Pink, which is actually red, which is fine by me — but if you were wanting pink, I’d say you’d be annoyed. There’s a Forver Fuchsia that may be closer to the mark, but I haven’t got that one to test.

I do like the look of the applicator!

Plus, at €11.49/£6.99/$8.99, if this works, it’ll be cheaper than the department brands that make similar claims.

We shall see…