Sorry, Your Problem is *What*, Exactly?

A reader writes:

Sue, I have eyelashes that are so long they actually get tangled. And when I put on mascara, they sort of lump into little triangles. I bought a little comb to even it all out but it just makes me look like a tarantula … what to do?

Oh, no, are your diamond shoes too tight, as well?

J/K! Here at Bright & Beautyfull! we understand that one woman’s desperate dream is another’s too-long eyelash dilemma. No judging! And we couldn’t be happier that this betch has got lashes to die for, right? Right!

In all fairness: gunky lashes are a feckin’ drag, and I’ve got some ideas how to get around this.

>As I know the writer, and know she is so pale as to be Irish {of which descent she is, indeed}, I first suggested she eschew black for brown/black, or just brown. I know we all want big blingy lashes, but sometimes, half the battle may be fought on the field of hue and intensity. In other words, the lashes may not look so tangly if they are less dark.

>Always wipe excess product off of the applicator. You think you’re scraping enough away when you do that rubby-thing as you take out the wand, but if you are using a fat brush-y applicator, chances are good that there is even more on there, and you can do without it.

>Less is more if your lashes are tangling, so several very, very — very — light coats are far more effective and manageable than one heavy coat. This is actually not obvious! One may presume that several coats are apt to create an even snarlier sitch, but that’s what that lash comb is for. Much easier to tease out the lashes when the layers are light.

>Get rid of the fat brush-y applicator altogether, and buy a brand that comes with one of those spiky applicators. I know, they are scary looking, but I have become a staunch supporter. My personal faves are benefit They’re Real and Lancôme Ocillation Vibrating Infinite Mascara — I don’t use the vibrate function on the latter, as it makes my nose itch, and it really doesn’t do squat, anyway. Also, L’Oréal make Paris Telescopic Explosion Mascara, which is the silliest name ever, and the wand is the freakiest {look!}, but this separates lashes likes nobody’s business.

>Finally, I would recommend trying something like ELF‘s Lash & Brow Clear Mascara. It costs one single dollar, and it may allow Reader’s lashes to be defined without colour, and without colourful clumps. I’d also try it as a primer. Brush it on, let it dry, comb it out, and apply the other mascara.

I’ve got photos, but not to hand, as I coming to you live! from Deandgrange Public Library {and only because I wanted to go to Lidl}, so I’ll wait ’til Dear Reader gets back to me with a progress report!

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