That Magic Mischief: Dropping Down from the Ether on 11 February!

THAT MAGIC MISCHIEFI am too excited about my new book cover to wait any longer: That Magic Mischief, a paranormal/contemporary romance set in Brooklyn, will be available for purchase in a month’s time.

I’ve been gasping to share, but as the internet is all ‘blink and you miss it’, I wanted visual accompaniment before I starting spreading the news.

Here’s what it’s all about:

What was the point of being a witch if Annabelle Walsh couldn’t manage a spell to fix her broken heart?  Okay, maybe calling herself a witch was pushing it — but as a dedicated dabbler in all things metaphysical, she figured she could, at the very least, speed up the healing process. Dumped out of the blue by high-powered banker Wilson Monroe, her boyfriend of three years and nine months, Annabelle’s hopes of walking down the aisle seem remoter than ever, and springtime in New York had never looked so dismal.

With the help of her dearest friends in the world—cool, calm and collected Lorna, and fiery, feisty, foul-mouthed Maria Grazia — Annabelle tries to pull herself out of the dumps by crying her eyes out, getting smashed on girly drinks, and working the odd spell. An idle wander into an unfamiliar new age shop adds the bit of magic in her life that she’d been looking for: a Pooka called Callie, an interfering, mischievous spirit determined to turn Annabelle’s life around— mostly by turning it upside down.

Suddenly, Annabelle hasn’t got time to brood, and her career as a journalist begins to take off; in fact, it’s during a brainstorming session for an off-off-off-off Broadway theatre production that she meets tall, dark, and handsome Jamie Flynn, an Irishman in New York who seems to be keen at first sight, if not in love quite yet. As Annabelle gets her life back on track, she starts to see the difference that a real life, a real career, and a real man can make … and all it took was that magic mischief.

Watch this space for more information, and for (tenuously) related beauty giveaways!


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