A Blast of Warm, Delicious Colour on a Cold, Cold Day

ISAAC MIZRAHIBright, and beautiful. I don’t know* how I got on the amazon.com relentless email list — <3 U amazon.com! for obvious reasons — but I got a comprehensive link to many, many gorgeous handbags, and this one popped.

The Ava by Isaac Mizrahi is a medium-sized satchel in pumpkin and fuchsia. Or orange and pink, to you and me. There are no measurements listed, and I suppose I could go a googlin’, but I am utterly captivated by the lusciousness of this object.

I have gotten over my object-orientated yearnings, or so I thought! Walking down to the West Village from Hell’s Kitchen with a pal, during my flying visit to Manhattan, I interrupted myself in full-flow as we passed a shop, the window of which was just stuffed with bags in a glorious array of colour and styles. I said, over and over, ‘Don’t need anything, don’t need anything in there’ and we laughed and kept going.

I don’t need an orange and fuchsia satchel. Well, I do need to be able to carry my stuff around, and in carrying my stuff around, I could be doing a public service: if you saw someone walking around with this bag, wouldn’t colours just go straight to your heart and warm you up all over?

Having this bag is pure altruism.


Many beautiful bags live here. The Ava is in stock, and retails for $188. Sigh.

I do know. I was looking at FitFlop boots, which were astonishingly priced far more cheaply via the American amazon than they are here, in shops.

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