Lancôme Teint Visionnaire Skin Perfecting Makeup Duo: Beauty-full *and* Clever

So smart:

Lancôme‘s newest offering in the makeup line incorporates their terrific innovation in the skincare line, and the hint is in the name: Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector is in the mix here, and if you click on the link, you can read all about that crazayzay LR 2412 molecule that does all the amazing sciencey stuff to make your skin look equally amazing.

Well, I love it, and I’ve found that I return to it time after time. This is saying something, as I have goldfish memory when it comes to product. I try so much stuff on a weekly basis, that a thing has to be a really, really impressive thing for me to even remember its name — much less its molecule!

And now, here we have it all in one cunningly designed package. Teint Visionnaire comes with a concealer — shown here, lip flipped — that matches the foundation. I’ve been enjoying 01 Beige, and like its progenitor, it is quickly becoming my go-to for flawless.

I find the texture of the concealer to be a bit sticky, and I’ve tried to pick it up with a brush, but I am finding that my fingertips are my best bet for application.

The foundation applies fluidly, no matter if I use a brush, or my fingers. I know, why am I still using my fingers… but sometimes it feels like they do a better job. Although, I won’t get better with a brush if I don’t use it. But, but! Ah, sure, whatever. I tend to take a Machievellian approach to my macquillage. Look:


I have found, as well, that this doesn’t fade, or sink into creases, and the concealer has enough oomph to act as a highlighter as well. What is not to love?


On counter now: €45/£36/no joy finding an American stockist {??}


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