Guest Blogging at Crimson Romance: Consulting the Oracle{s}

THAT MAGIC MISCHIEFBlogging for somebody else is a weird sensation. It’s kind of like riding someone else’s horse while they’re watching, which in my case, the one time I did it, made me feel really self-conscious and nervous.

I had a bit of that when I blogged for the wonderful lovelygirliebits, but after some deep-breathing exercises and couple of knuckle-cracks, I got down to business and it was fine.

You may think that ‘writing is writing’, but it’s kind of not.

One of things that my heroine, amateur witch Annabelle Walsh, learns is that ‘magic isn’t magic’. By that, she — I — we? We mean? Anyway, the point is that everything that happened to her, post-heartbreak, had as much to do with her desire to get over it, as did her own deep-breathing exercises and knuckle-cracking, which came in the form of burning bunches of sage and interacting with a supernatural creature from Irish mythology. Slightly different for me, then.

So, writing isn’t writing: I have a very different approach to critiquing a stage play or an arts exhibition than I do to reviewing a serum or a facial. Working on a new novel is different from trying to adapt one into a screenplay, and posting on my horse blog, I found, was a universe away from writing my horsey-divorcey memoir.

It’s a matter of practice and discipline, and getting used to having to try on different techniques. Despite the nerves, I was delighted to contribute this piece to the Crimson Romance Editors blog. Go have a look!


Have you read That Magic Mischief? There’s a giveaway on this blog that’s about answering a question to win a great prizes… and there are more to come… just so you know…


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