Snap! Judgement: Lush Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioning Hair Perfume


Not enough information, eh?

I wasn’t very impressed by the solid conditioner that Lush does, and whilst I do like this intensive treatment, I wanted something that was an everyday class of product.

This smells so good, I may actually use it everyday — but there is nothing quotidian about it.

It contains the usual suspects, to be frank: you’ve got your rose, your Neroli, your grapefruit, your orange flower blossom, among a few others. It may be the orange flower blossom that is the topnote, and despite not being a huge citrus fan, I love it. It smells sexily pretty.

Added Bonus Feature: Neroli, apparently, stimulates the production of serotonin in the brain, hence the happy and the joy. Will have to look into that, and also why Neroli gets a cap ‘N’.

That’s all I know at this stage {hence the snap judgement…} but will be using it anon.


€23.50/£18.00/$24.95 {for 250g}


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