Gonna Make You Sweat {Not!} Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant

WELEDA deodorantIt is so desperately exciting to need to talk about deodorant! The last time we had a heat wave, I reviewed the Sage version of  Weleda’s natural deodorant. Wild Rose recently landed in my post box, and its timing was perfect.

I am all-or-nothing when it comes to me pits: I either totally forget to give them a spray or a roll-on, or I have about five that I use under different circumstances. There’s the one I’m using when I’m sporty {Sure Maximum Protection TRISolid Cream, €6.87}; the one where I’m going to be out all day, and into the night {Garnier Mineral Clean Sensation 48H Non Stop Anti-Perspirant, €3.14}; and the one that I use — holy wow, this is so weird! > when I’ve showered the night before because I won’t have any time in the morning, and need to be fresh and clean upon waking {Dermalogica Environmental Control€20}.

The thing that draw me to Weleda is that it is sans those aluminium salts that are so bad for us. They use natural oils instead, to neutralise odor, and yet, in and of itself, this smells really pretty. I’m also happy to spread less aerosol into the atmosphere.

Mainly, I am into the wee 30ml size. I find I do need to top it up throughout the day, so its handbag friendliness is an added plus, even if it feels like having to top it up feels like a minus. Also: the perfect travel size.

Caution: I sprayed some on, post-shave, and it stung. So, maybe shave your pits at night. The more you know!

Also, also: if you purchase the 100ml size, you get a 30ml free, during July and August, which is terrific value.

€7.95/30 ml, €10.95/100ml
Available from selected independent health stores and pharmacies nationwide.


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