New and Spectacularly Improved: Colorsport Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit

In between HD Brow sessions at Carter Beauty, Blackrock, I daren’t try to tweeze because I am useless at it, but I do find that a dye job goes some way to keeping the look going without too much drawing-on-the-brows error. I hadn’t been terribly impressed by Colorsport the the first time I tried it; I gave another brand a go, which shall remains nameless {okay, not: 1000Hour} and disliked it mightily. It didn’t mix up well at all, and I ended up sacrificing a lip brush to use as an applicator.

I was on the hunt for yet another brand to try, but there is a dearth of brow dyeing kits in Ireland — dare I say, the world? Googling comes up with nothing. SIGH. I found myself, as I often do, in Boots and thought I’d trust the packaging — IMPROVED & FASTER FORMULA — and give their Dark Brown dye another chance.

Glad I did! Look:

Thank you, genius, who thought that an actual mascara wand would be a good idea. Seriously! This makes it fairly foolproof — a designation I almost proved false, as I was going to take out the paper things and start mixing up the stuff for the bottle with the stuff from the tube in that little well, until it occurred that perhaps the instructions might best be consulted…

Right. Those papers are for when one dyes one’s lashes. Otherwise, this now could not be simpler, and less messy: apply the Eyelash Colour Solution directly to the brows with a cotton bud {or pad, if you’re me}; then, squeeze some of the Eyelash Contour Gel onto the wand, and brush it on. My first squeeze was, er, robust, and I got enough for a brow and a half, so easy does it.

One thing that is unclear is how long you are meant to keep it on, and how you are meant to remove it. Not great to be desperately scanning the directions when you’ve got this stuff working away. Somewhere it said 2-3 minutes; I’ve just looked back and actually can’t find that information again. Really not great!

I decided that the time it took to take a couple of photos was long enough.


Insert Groucho Marx impression *here*

That mascara wand applicator is the biz. I coated every single hair.


Lydia, oh Lydia, oh have you met Lydia…

Just about there ^ I started getting worried that it was going to be too much…


Nope, not so much! I mean, I could have groomed them before I went deliriously snapping away, but honestly, that’s exactly what I was looking for.

So, no messy mixing up of the two potions, and this dye job happened in 1/5th the time it took in the unimproved and slower version. Sold!

! I did it AGAIN: ‘before’ pictures might have come in useful! Argh!


€8.50; also comes in black.


2013: I Don’t Even Know Where to Start. Oh Look, Oscar Noms!

See? Oscar noms! Let’s look! Even though I haven’t notion what half of them are?220px-Amour-poster-french

I did see Lincoln, which = amazeballs, or however Tony Kushner would write that in 19th century American. The balls that do amaze indeed, sir. >?

DDL FTW; also Tommy Lee Jones, whom I adore, in the Best Supporting Actor category, and all other categories.

Also: TLJ as Best Supporting Actor Supporting a Wig.

I started crying just looking at the Amour poster. Anyone seen this movie? Can you be nommed as Best Pic and Best Foreign Film? Apparently you can! BMcC just informed me via Facebook that this is about Alzheimers? Uh, no, thanks but I need my eyes, I can’t risk crying them out.

Also: do not want to ruin the great look I get from Maybelline’s new launch {LOL > wait for it} Volum’ Express: The Rocket, featuring the new, exclusive Elastomer brush, aka the Jet-Glide.rocket Final

The applicator is one of the spikey sort, but the bristles are flexible. Many that fall into this class of wand are not in the least bit flexible, and I must say it makes a difference. It felt like I was combing on the mascara, rather than pasting it on.

JET GLIDE ACTIONIt didn’t prevent the dreaded splotch-on-the-eyelid, which I cop to as operator error, but honestly, I had my head tipped allll the way back.

I had given a lukewarm review to the Colorsport 30 Day Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit. I didn’t get to Sephora when I was in NYC —  I know, I know, it’s a like a priest skipping an audience with the Pope. I had planned to get some super-amazing American brand of eyebrow dye, but having given the Colorsport another chance,  I’ll revise that initial impression a little.

With a caveat: because I completely disregarded the instructions, i.e., I forgot I had it on, and took a phone call and got distracted and started working on something and then WHOOPS — many, many more minutes than directed went by.

They look good! There has been no intervention by a cosmetic enhancement.

But I’m not telling you exactly how longI had it on — what if you do it and don’t like and get all up in my grill? DIY!


Maybelline New York Volum’ Express The Rocket and Colorsport 30 Day Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit are both available at Boots. The Rocket comes in a waterproof version if you decide to watch that film. Bonne chance!


How Now, Brown Brow?

Not bad! That is the dolled up version, via BeneFit Speed Brow and AVON Glimmerstick Brow Definer.

The base is thanks to the Colorsport 30 Day Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit — read all about the dying process here.

This is what they look like, sans enhancement:

Just for the record, that is my FFSL how many times do I have take this photo, stupid iPhone! face. That was like, round four? Whatever, Apple!

I am pleased. Would dye again.

Also, also: the grainy photo at top also features a Smokey Eye via Estee Lauder Pure Color palette in Film Noir. I like it! The colours blended really well, and even I, a Smokey Eye Hopeless Case, feel like I did a good job of it, and may be on the road to improvement.

There’s Wally/Waldo!


If anyone knows of another brand of brow dye kit I can get in a shop, please do inform.

Eyebrow Dye: I Did

So: Colorsport 30 Day Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit in Dark Brown. Because of the ‘mix it up’ aspect of the biz, I read the directions thoroughly several times, and consulted them throughout the process.

Good thing, as you leave this stuff on for 10 minutes if you are dying your lashes, but only 2 minutes if dying your brows. Serious potential for disaster there, right?

Hmmm, well, maybe not. Here’s what I learned from doing it myself. Continue reading