No Way, In Fact, That It Was Enough: Yeah, I Mean, Seriously.

Tchaa. Like I didn’t know it. In an effort to save on kgs at check-in, I had made a list of the product I’d left behind at mum’s.

No. So I packed with my usual style — still keeping that list in mind, but also trying to remember the the things I hate to be without when abroad.

Hate being without exfoliant. When I get back home, I spend about ten minutes scrubbing off the accumulation of dead skin cells. Is gross! Feels spectacular! Spectaluloss! In went the body exfoliant; forgot the face exfoliant.

HATE having dry looking hair, which occurs due to the difference in water hardness/softeness —  which I write about every year! — so I chucked in some serum capsules, which I didn’t need because there was a big thing of some hair gloss that I got last time — but forgot to bring conditioner. Gahhhh.

Oh, darn! Have to go to Walgreens!


Have to go to Walgreens, even with all that. And I haven’t even looked in the make up bags.

Make up bags. Or gone through all my pockets to track down rogue lippys…


I don’t know, it’s not so much stuff? For the guts of three weeks? << which is my cry every year?


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