More Jacket Lust. Yes, I Do Have a Problem

The problem is that I want all the jackets!

From F+F, the Waxed Four Pocket Jacket.

I had one waxed jacket once, because: horses, and it was so unflattering that I gave it to a charity shop. This is potentially sooo flattering because of the belt.

I wish this image was better, but it is the best I can find at this stage. This is priced around €35ish, maybe €40, which is still fairly amazeballs, considering. Given our Current Climate, economic aspects notwithstanding, a stylish way to repel the rain is going to score high on my own personal sheet.

This is a very equine-inspired olive, which I fancy somethin’ rotten.

Excuse me while I wander off down the local Tesco, I’m sure I’m almost out of eggs.

F+F: At a Tesco Near You

I can’t afford to be snobby about me garments these days, and janie, half of my wardrobe has it provenance from Penneys — and the other half I got in the knickers department in Marks & Spencer, so what’s the problem?

I suspect that hard-core fashionistas will come over all sneery about shopping for gúnas in Tesco, but I saw all of the S/S 2012 F+F line in person, and they look like real clothes… they feel like real clothes… so therefore… Continue reading

What’s Right With This Picture?

Okay, so, this might feel a bit dodgy in terms of coming over all judge-y, but I have to remark on this. Having been invited to view F+F‘s spring/summer offerings, {available from Tesco} I came out of it with a nice overview of the range, which featured many a piece that appealed to me, and CD of images. I fired up the disc and began making selects: there were two models, and I kept going back to the dark-haired one, because I couldn’t figure out why I was so puzzled… Continue reading