F+F: At a Tesco Near You

I can’t afford to be snobby about me garments these days, and janie, half of my wardrobe has it provenance from Penneys — and the other half I got in the knickers department in Marks & Spencer, so what’s the problem?

I suspect that hard-core fashionistas will come over all sneery about shopping for gúnas in Tesco, but I saw all of the S/S 2012 F+F line in person, and they look like real clothes… they feel like real clothes… so therefore…

I remember the first time I ever had licorice all sorts, which was when my mum took me to see You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown at a fancy cinema in New Brunswick, NJ {!} and there was these candies, all black and white and yellow and pink and brown and I loved them, more for the way they looked than the way they tasted, although that was pretty good, too.

I never saw them again, for years and years, until they took on a mythical status. When I did come across them again, I was a little disappointed, only because I had been happy, in a way, to have thought I made them up all by myself.*

So, at left, and right, clothing so evocative of said sweeties that there is no way I wouldn’t love them.

I have touched the stripey shift dress and the material is substantial, and felt like it had a little lycra-y give in it.

The halter neck on the maxi sundress, centre, is great, and I like the pattern, too — I would normally avoid patterns like the plague, but since I can tell that it is flattering to our favourite model’s shape, I can infer that I might be able to work that look as well.

And then, the shoooooooes! Oh, woooooooow. They are suede-y, and those chunky heels and peep toe make me feel like I will put them on, and suddenly be starring in my very own screwball romantic comedy! These also come in a canvas-y navy blue with polka dots. Polka dots!

Not all Tesco’s carry all the pieces from the line, which is a pain, so I’d maybe shop online, or else browse online and see does your nearest shop carry what you want. There is a shoulder bag, a rectangular, bucket-y thing that was not photographed, which is gorgeous and magical — I want to show you, but I can’t even find it online. Now, unlike the licorice all sorts, I know I did not make that up, and hope to have that snuggled up under me oxter before the month is out.

Caption information (from left):
>Pink skinny denim: €16.50; White and black striped tank: €3.50; Black blazer: €26; Cutout patent bow ballerina pumps: €14.50; Pearl necklace: €5
>Patterned maxi sundress: €17.50; Gold thongs: €7; Gold bracelet: €7.50
>Striped shift dress: €21; Cutout patent bow ballerina pumps: €14.50
>Turquoise heels: €26

*I am re-reading To The Lighthouse, which I suspect is all about exactly that. ‘Suspect’ because I’m too nervous to make any strong conclusions about WTF is going on in that buke.

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