What’s Right With This Picture?

Okay, so, this might feel a bit dodgy in terms of coming over all judge-y, but I have to remark on this. Having been invited to view F+F‘s spring/summer offerings, {available from Tesco} I came out of it with a nice overview of the range, which featured many a piece that appealed to me, and CD of images. I fired up the disc and began making selects: there were two models, and I kept going back to the dark-haired one, because I couldn’t figure out why I was so puzzled…

It’s because this lady looks like most of the ladies I see, out in the world. It took me forevvvvvvver to figure out that this model is of a size that magazine-y models usually are not. Now, look, the other model is very slim, and I will never shame anyone for being thin, much less not-thin. But I have to say, I was refreshed and, yes, exhilarated to see a shape that is more akin to me than not.

This is dodgy because it’s nobody’s business how anybody looks. The whole ‘eat a sandwich’ sentiment is just as obnoxious as the weeklies’ coverage of celebrity cellulite. But then, on the the other hand, to see a variety of shapes employed to show new clothes is exciting, a breath of fresh air.

I am new to this whole fashion beat thang, so I don’t know, maybe other brands are pushing their boats out too, but I haven’t noticed. I actually don’t even care exactly what size clothes this model is modeling, and I’m not going to start privileging curves over angles, or any of that nonsense. I am simply delighted to see a more inclusive approach to showing fashion, and hey, those little platform espadrilles are adorable, and only โ‚ฌ11.50. Talk about win.

Keep an eye on this site for more peeks at Tesco’s S/S 2012 offerings.

One thought on “What’s Right With This Picture?

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