Top Twelve of 2012: Lucky Number Thirteen

I was just this second reviewing my list, and I gasped aloud: there is nothing on it to do with The Hair.


HYDRATING STYLINGAnd then I remembered that I was in fact going to laud the seemingly implausible qualities of Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream. So let’s just call this Lucky Number Thirteen, and then we’ll get on to the business of the rest of the list.

‘Seemingly implausible’ because, as the owner/operator of fine hair, the notion of putting anything as heavy as a styling cream on post-blow dried locks is like, why not just stick your head in a vat of goo?

As I reported here, I took the risk, and I have to say, the risk has paid off in spades since April. No matter that I use styling oil, and have gotten one of those Keratin hair dryers*, I still get flyaway strands that want to do what they do best, and flyaway. This tames them, and also imparts that signature Moroccanoil fragrance, which is powdery and clean, and one other thing that I can’t quite put my finger on. Possibly the thing itself from which Moroccanoil is made, like a nut or something?

Hang on.

Okay. I have plenty of stuff that has argan oil in it, and they don’t all smell like this. The Internet was sharing all kinds of links with itself when I Googled, but most of the links had to do with other products {reading is fundamental, mentallers} including the nut one, so clearly I was confused, too. We all get confused sometimes. Glass Petal Smoke — a site I will certainly be bookmarking — breaks it down to white amber and musk. I am huge fan of both, so there ya go.

So, two more things I couldn’t put my finger on. Also! Totally forgot to try it on damp hair, pre-blow, as I had vowed to do in the previous post. That will be top of my New Year’s Resolution List, right below ‘world peace.’


*OMG Keratin blow dryer thing. Have you heard? I’ll be back with that anon.

Mark Hill Salon Professional and The Hair: Long May it Wave

I wasn’t sure, going to bed on Wednesday night, if I was going to wash my hair Thursday morning.

Thursday afternoon was going to be packed, which would usually call for squeaky clean locks, but according to my iPhone, the weather looked to be squally, so why waste the energy, if The Hair was only going to get rained on?

I decided that in the a.m., I would blast the roots with some class of dry shampoo, and iron it out. It would be fine.

I twisted it up into a knot on the top of my head and slept the sleep of the decisive.

When I unravelled it the next day, it looked… really big and wavy and kind of good? This is, I believe, a direct result of having used Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream on Wednesday. I love this stuff so much I want to marry it; I’m going to be writing yet another paean of lurve to it in a few weeks, so for now will just direct you here.

I felt inspired by this wavy largeness to make it even wavier and larger, and so I cracked open the Mark Hill Salon Professional Bad Girl Glam Wicked Waver from Boots{€69}.

00 MARK HILL WAVERWicked, indeed. As are the crazy gloves supplied: sensible to have one for each hand, odd that they are only for the thumb and first two fingers — I felt like a doe, or something.

Odd, because they look odd, but also I am odd because I am not very good at these implements, and need my whole hand to make it work.

Or so I thought. Continue reading

Mane Salon: How to Achieve Hairvana

Back in… hang on. Yeah, okay, it is totally understandable that I couldn’t place this particular event. It really could have been any time this year, because the weather has all been the same, and I guess many rooms of my Mind Palace classify information with attendant meteorological elements. Which, after all this time living here, you’d think was pointless in the extreme.

I was trying to visualise the Wella event that yielded me those RayBans, and I thought, Hmmm, this memory feels a bit chilly, but not exactly like winter. Crazy ol’ me, I tend to think of that as ‘March’.

Back in July, Wella took a rake of us beauty gals out to a fancy meal, to celebrate the launch of Illumina Color, which, if you are too busy to click through, is ‘a new range of natural looking hair colours that increases the level of light reflection and shine when the hair is dyed. We saw several representative treatments — blonde, red, brunette — and they were very, very Wow.’

In a bid for some of that Wow, I went to Mane Salon in The Grooming Rooms in South William Street, and took it for a spin.
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When All Else Fails: The Hair

Highly recommended for my Irish readers: Leo Bancroft Ultimately Intense Deep Moisture Mask {€4.79}, available at Tesco.

I put some on my dry hair, and then used the accompanying Blissfully Bouncy Shampoo {€3: amazing}, and then used more mask because The Hair was still all atangle.

Would write more but off to go get more laserrrrrr — !


Seriously, though, amazing value, and The Hair looks and feels really voluised and lush.

The Hair Meets Elnett Styling Spray; Happiness Ensues

Three new products from Elnett are available for your follicular pleasure: Heat Protect Styling Sprays for three-day Volume, Curl or Straight coiffures.

I went for Volume on the roots and Curl on the ends:

L’Oréal Paris spokewoman/model/boldface name Cheryl Cole and I are like *that*.

This very impressive blow dry was done by Sinead from Foundation Hair Salon. No tongs were used in the creation of this hairdo. The sprays protect the hair from heating tools up to 230°, so no more fried tresses of a Saturday night.

This morning, with very little intervention. Combed out and spritzed the Volume on the roots!

Due to the fineness of my hair, I am not entirely convinced that I’ll get another day out of this, but we shall see.

Pictures of the very fancy spray bottles can be found here, as well as more pretty pictures of my pal Cheryl. Price point is in the area of €8, and I asked how many hairdos you might expect to get in a bottle, and I’ve forgotten the answer. Four months worth, I think? I bet that’s reasonable. {Updates to come on all that — couldn’t wait to post!}


Elnett Heat Protecting Styling Sprays are available everywhere, basically.

Oh! And the lippy in the last photo is one of the new Clinique Chubbies in Mightiest Maraschino. It is a lightweight in texture only — I already adore it.

Loving the Lovingly Light Foam from Percy & Reed

Yes! It has been ages since we’ve had an update from the back of the 46A bus.

I got a lovely haircut in Hair Creations in Blackrock Shopping Centre. Ask for Anna, espesh if you have long hair and are sick of arguing with stylists about how they want to cut it all off. Okay, bit of an exadge, but you know what? I take good care of The Hair, and sure, the ends get raggedy, but the heart of it is perfectly healthy, so no, you don’t have to go chop-chop-chop. Anna didn’t even suggest it, and I kept my length — just new, improved, and tidy.

Also: I got Percy & Reed Lovingly Light Foaming Treatment Mask, and it is … does ‘miraculous’ sound implausible? Hyperbolic? There’s only so much I can do, in the back of the 46A bus, to demonstrate this, but I stand behind the following statements. When I use this:

>My hair is really, really — really soft.
>Is so shiny.
>I get astonishingly excellent second day hair.
>My highlights? Higlighty-er! Seriously: massive boost to reflective quality.

What is it like to use? Well, here’s the thing. The directions say to get a wide-toothed comb, dispense some product into your palm, and then draw the comb through the product and onto your hair.

I stand behind these statements as well:
>Working the canister is fiddly. The dispenser is somewhere in between being too sensitive and not sensitive enough, so you’ll have a bit of a learning curve figuring out how much pressure to exert.
>It’s mousse, basically, and fizzles out faster than you’d like, when you’re trying to get it onto the comb.
>I don’t know about your hair, but my hair is like a tangle of vicious weeds after I wash it. Combing in the product is not a goer. I lost a lot down the drain…

…Until I devised my foolproof method: I combed out my hair, and then put this foam in, directly, not via any auld wide-toothed comb.

Leave it in, 3 to 5 minutes, whatever that means, or until washing it out is the last thing you do before you turn the water off.

I stand by ‘miraculous’, even though I had to adapt the application process. Maybe even because I had to, since it worked terrifically anyway. I am being miserly with this, as it’s a guranteed good hair day in a pressurised container.


£20 via; anyone with euro information, please advise.

Clever, Pantene — Very Clever!

Here’s a pet peeve: packaging fails in the shower.

Oh, how I loathe tubs! They are so fiddly! And once you get them open, they can fill up with water and dilute your product, or! because you are trying to avoid the deluge, you set it on the edge of the tub, and then knock it over, and there’s your product all over the floor rather than all over your hair. Hate tha’.

When I got this tub of Pantene 2 minutes Deep Smoothening Mask, first of all I was like, Smoothening?!?!and then got all huffy about the tubbiness of it.

Then I looked at the top of the lid.

Now, that — that is pretty smart. The simplest of drawing conveying the cleverest of solutions.

Just peel back the foil…

And then twist the top back on! Then all you have to do is flip it open {okay, you may have to pry a tiny bit} and there’s your smoothening mask, ready to go!

I found it to be a total success in practice.

I don’t know if I felt that my hair was all that smoothened, but I must say that my highlights looked significantly highlighty-er.

A keeper, and an inspiration to package designers everywhere, I should imagine.

When All Else Fails, Talk About The Hair

…which should have its own Twitter persona at this stage.

This past bank holiday was a blissful, glorious indulgence of Olympics, and olympian Game of Thrones S2 watching {entire season in one day}.

I also cleaned the bath, which doesn’t get any messier than a normal bath, but down to the excessive amount of product, well, it’s a pain in the arse to do. It was worth it, though, because I realised I hadn’t used up all my H’Suan Wen Hua from Lush, which you can go back and read about here. There is also a picture, and the results were exactly the same this time: shockin’ shine, pumped up highlights, but a terrible pong.

It still looks good, these several days later. I’ve also womanned up and have started using the Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream like I mean it, meaning I put it on hair that I’ve dried and ironed. It absolutely does not weigh it down — it makes it look shiny and smooth. Sweartagod. I knew that already? But when you use as much stuff as I do, you tend to forget. Here’s the original post to remind us all.

Along those lines, that five sense thing is a good idea, must remember to to do that again. And a haiku never goes amiss.

Sorry, have to go back to being a top Tweeter in the #equestrian thread.


H’Suan Wen Hua from Lush: €11.50/£8.50/$19.95

Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream: €28.45/£22.85/$31

Sleep-In Rollers: Later That Day…

Now, in fairness:

I didn’t even so much as comb this hair, and even if it is not big and bouncy, it still does look as though I have at least flat ironed it. This is significant because my hair is this half-arsed wavy affair and it never does ‘flat’ by itself.

Still not convinced it was worth the discomfort. There are some great recs in the comments from yesterday’s post, go and have a look. Cherry Sue, who blogs here, thinks that sporting the Sleep-In Rollers during the day might do the trick; Portia blogs at Australian Perfume Junkies {awesome!} and has a brilliant idea re: minimizing the pain and still getting the benefit of the whole rolling-up thing.

Also considering that The Hair had been washed the day before, taken out to dinner, and then rolled up and slept on… I don’t know, I think that needs to be taken into account.

Also: documenting The Hair provided endless amusement to commuters who were waiting for the LUAS at Ballyogan. Who’s yer wan? She keeps taking pictures of herself!

Here at Bright & Beautyfull! we do what we can to lift everyone’s spirits, on and off t’internet.

The Curly Hair Nightmare: The Morning After

Well, it wasn’t like laying my head in the lap of an angel: the Sleep-In Rollers, vaunted for being painless, weren’t the most comfortable things I’ve ever slept in, in my life. Less horrible than those clippy, foam-y yokes from childhood, and undoubtedly less tortuous than pincurls, there was still interference between the big, pink, slightly spiky curlers on my head and the pillow.

Now, I tend to fall asleep like a tiny little baby, with my hands around my head. This is a Reiki thing {more about this anon!}, meaning I am giving myself healing as I head into slumber. This posture helped me manage the foreign objects on my head: I smashed them sort of parabolically, and they were less annoying. It wasn’t like they caused pain — so that claim is true! — but come on, they are feckin’ awkward.

I had crazzzzzzzzzzzzy dreams: at one stage I was hanging out poolside with Lindsay Lohan, whom I called ‘Linds’, and her hair wasn’t very nice, but I didn’t think to recommend the rollers. There was some older dude who kept applying mascara, to his own eyes, not the eyes of Linds, and I borrowed it {?!?!?} and it was clear, which was completely weird and even in the weird dream, I knew it was weird. But I used it anyway!

I was expecting all sorts of carnage in the morning, but everything was really well in place.

{How cool is that photo?}

I see there’s something of a gap, and I probably should have used less hair per roll, but I get so bored so fast.

Not bad, though, I mean, you’re going to get stray hairs straggling out, so no big deal. I am, in fact quite impressed.

Roll on the rollout! This was a bit tricky, because the reasons that the rollers held so well is because they are prickly; as a result, they don’t unwind without some yanking. This is not so good for the curls. Inevitably, some hair got re-wrapped on the roller as I worked its way out my hair.

The first few locks were not looking impressive, but by the time I was done…

This is just finger-combed out. Not bad! Not curly, but definitely wavy, and maybe a 4.5 on the Big Hair Scale.

Hmmm. You know what, this result is only okay, and after all the rolling and the tossing and turning and running around in the dreamtime with Lindsay Lohan, I would have liked to look like I’d just woken up in the pages of Grazia.

My hair is very thin, and I can’t see this making it through a whole day of going out into windy, wet weather. I am also too afraid to comb it out because I think it will just flop.

Also: how is a male bed partner not going to laugh himself sick at the head on you? Unless he has a grá for one of the TOWIE‘s. And… yeah, let’s not go there.

Verdict: Eh. I mean, my hair has flippiness inherent in it, due to the cut. There is more body to it, which is cool, but I really am not convinced that this was worth it…